About the School

Our training Program is a transformative journey for you and your home. We unite ancient teachings, cutting edge science, and experienced Spiritual guidance to create life-changing results. Our mission is to Support, Enlighten and raise the level of consciousness and the vibration on the planet home by home, person by person. You will develop and open your own intuitive and innate wisdom. Supported and encouraged to open whole new pathways of experiencing and understanding Feng Shui as both an intuitive art and a practical science. “When combined with your own unique gifts, your practice of Feng Shui can bring magic and Success to your work, as well as to the people who receive your wisdom and love.”

If you feel called to this transformational experience, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. Gain the wisdom and skill necessary to become a Feng Shui practitioner or just deepen your own understanding of the complete science of Feng Shui. Open to all Souls interested in unearthing the teacher within. The potential market for Feng Shui services is massive and growing. Feng Shui is unique in that every residence and business can benefit from it. Now more than ever, people are seeking the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring abundance, growth and give them that competitive edge. This trailing builds a solid foundation for a Feng Shui practitioner by revealing its underlying theories. Develop the profound ability to analyze the unique “energy blueprint” of a business or home to reveal its past, present and future potential

Feng Shui Certification Program

Embark upon this rewarding new career under the guidance of renowned Feng Shui expert Amanda Collins. This innovative online program is recognized as a Gold Level program by the International Feng Shui Guild.

Our Training Program offers a transformative journey for you and your home. We unite ancient teachings, cutting edge science, and experienced spiritual guidance to create life-changing results. Our mission is to support, enlighten and raise the level of human consciousness, person by person, while increasing the positive energy vibration on planet Earth, home by home.

Program content includes 15 hours of live webinars where you can interact with Amanda and ask questions!

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Why Learn Feng Shui?

While you can certainly use your training to become a professional consultant or simply improve your own life, feng shui also enhances a wide variety of professions:

    • Interior or landscape designer
    • Real estate professional
    • Event organizer
    • Acupuncturist/TCM practitioner
    • Life coach

Program Topics Include:

    • Classical Feng Shui
    • Architecture & Floor Plans
    • Landscaping
    • Space Clearing & Home Blessings
    • Color & Art Theory
    • Creating & Marketing Your Feng Shui Business


Also available, an incredible Self Study training, learn at your own pace.

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Todd Luger, School Administrator

About the Director(s)

Hi, I’m Amanda Collins!

I’m a Feng Shui Expert with 20 years of experience consulting and teaching. I founded the International School of Feng Shui over a decade ago and continue to oversee all aspects of our global business, including the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership site. I’ve helped companies like Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks improve employee morale, productivity and profits. I’ve consulted with thousands of individual clients, and taught many more. I’m delighted to see clients and students gain confidence, fulfilling work, happier relationships and greater prosperity. 

I’ve traveled the world studying some of the world’s great wisdom traditions. I trained directly with Feng Shui masters in China. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, as well as a trained shaman and Celtic Priestess. I weave these disciplines into this one-of-a-kind program of transformation.

My greatest joy is to empower you. I teach you how to transform your space and life, and share your unique light with the world. As a working mom, I also share my personal practices for self-care and self-love, perhaps the most essential part!

7445 Mission Valley Road, San Diego, California 92108

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