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Richard Ashworth has been teaching Classical feng shui & Chinese Astrology for a decade or more, the last 5 years primarily one to one online, having studied with a series of Masters over twenty-plus years. Starting out with Derek Walters, probably the most respected of all the Western Masters, by way of several years close-to full-time study with Master Chan Kun Wah and stints with Peter Leung, Mas Kehardthum, Howard Choy and others, he has developed an approach which is uniquely his own. His teachings are quite well outlined on this Audible. He stresses that no prior knowledge of feng shui, Chinese Metaphysics or the world of woo-woo is required before starting to study. His courses include full written material, extensive (optional) reading list and “unlimited email back-up”.

Richard is probably best known for addressing the Grand Masters of the IFSC in Singapore in 2013 and for his book The Feng Shui Diaries (possibly the funniest yet written on the topic); subtitled the Ramblings of a Feng Shui Man in the Year of the Wood Rooster, the book chronicles a year in his life including a term at Huazhong University, Wuhan and a visit to Mao Tse Tung’s birthplace. In the United Kingdom he is noted for introducing classical feng shui to a mass audience on UK tv’s  Housebusters. As well as teaching Classical feng shui and ba zi (or Four Pillars) he hosts regular workshops on The Yi (or Book of Changes, that is the I Ching) on Date Selection and on Forecasting. His students and mentees include beginners, academics and professionals alike, some of whom are now quite renowned.

His starter feng shui course, ‘The Wind That Stops at the Water’ together with starter ba zi course ‘Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny’ make up one certificated course. Course includes 40 hours of tuition usually in individual weekly one hour modules via Zoom plus coursework and reading.

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Richard Ashworth is probably best known for introducing authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui to BBC tv’s Housebusters and for his book The Feng Shui Diaries which apart from anything else, may be the funniest on the subject to date. Respected widely for his innovative approach to classical ba zi & feng shui, many professionals have studied with him. In the early noughties he pioneered feng shui surveys at a distance on My Spirit Radio which makes him particularly suited to the limitations of the post Corona Virus world. His Audible ‘Imperial Feng Shui, The Real Thing’ (currently) free is a pretty good introduction to his approach.

Richard himself studied with a series of masters over a period of decades including attending Huazhong University in Central China. His direct, authoritative and humorous approach has changed lives for the better from Poland to New Zealand.

Along the way he has worked with A-Listers such as Naomie Harris, Gillian Anderson (who said he “commands both confidence and awe”) and Britain’s favourite Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen (who called him “the person I trust with my own space”)

In 2012, he became one of very few Western masters to address the Singapore International Feng Shui Conference and in 2008 was co-chair of the 1st International Congress on Scientific Feng Shui in Turin. A regular enquirer of The Course in Miracles as well as the Book of Changes, Richard is happily married with six grown-up children.

For the last several years Richard’s day job has become mostly online teaching of feng shui, ba zi and the Book of Changes. His work is largely one-to-one online to long-term students and professionals. Every week he counsels and teaches from Seattle to Milan. His first love is still “going in and out of people’s spaces being enigmatic” both face to face in the flesh and online.


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