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Motto: “Your aspirations are your possibilities.” Samuel Johnson

SFSID School of Feng Shui and Interior Decoration established in 2020 offers two certificate programs:  The Feng Shui Certificate Program and Interior Decoration Certificate Program.

Feng Shui Certificate Program (40 hour program)
Many people struggle with their surroundings and do not quite understand why they feel such disharmony in their own homes. This is where professional Feng Shui Consultants come in!

Whether for professional practice or personal use, this certification program will provide you with the knowledge on how to design comfortable spaces and restore balance in your and your clients’ lives using ancient Feng Shui principles.

This Feng Shui Certificate program in 11-weeks will cover the standard knowledge necessary to become a successful Feng Shui Consultant. The Feng Shui Universal Topics cover subjects such as History of Feng Shui, Schools of Feng Shui, the Chi flow, the Five Elements, Yin and Yang energy and the Bagua map. You will also learn to follow Practitioner Guidelines and how to personalize your Feng Shui practice to suit your clients’ modern needs. This program will also cover topics required to become a Red Ribbon Professional Member of an International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG).

Interior Decoration Certificate Program (40 hour program)
Interior decorators are trained professionals in the decorating industry field who have an eye for an aesthetics of the space. They can recommend a specific color schemes, suggest furniture arrangements and layouts, advise in purchasing new design items or wall art. Interior decorators have the knowledge of furnishing the space with beautiful and fashionable pieces while taking functionality into consideration. They are experts who can help bring an entirely new look to an existing space.

Interior decoration is a prosperous and growing industry with endless job opportunities. Whether you are an aspiring artist, architect, homeowner, stay home mom or someone who is tired of your current profession and are eager to explore something new, Interior Decoration might just be the right choice for you.

The Interior Decorator Certificate is 11-week program that will teach you the fundamentals of Interior Decoration. The topics covered will provide you with the knowledge of color and paints, types of lighting, variety of fabrics and window treatments, space planning and furniture arrangements as well as the application of principles, elements and styles in interior decorating.

Feng Shui Interior Decoration Certificate Program (80 hour program)
Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony with our environment, Interior Decoration is about aesthetics and functionality of the space. Can you see the final design by combining the knowledge of both fields? This program is a cumulative program of the Feng Shui Certification Program and the Interior Decoration Certificate Program. This represents the combination of the two 11 week courses (resulting in 22-weeks of classes) in which you will gain professional expertise on how to approach any space from a Feng Shui perspective as well as from a design perspective. This combination allows you to continue and expand your knowledge and expertise in both fields. Upon completion of both programs you will receive a Feng Shui Interior Decorator Certificate that will qualify you to become a member of International Feng Shui Guild. This program will also cover topics required to become a Red Ribbon Professional Member of an International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG).

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Renata Senatore
Westport, Connecticut 06880
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Born and raised in Eastern Europe I have a strong connection with nature. As a child growing up in a small village of the mountains of northern Slovakia, I spent my childhood days playing with the natural elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

My background and love for nature inspired me to learn Feng Shui, the ancient complex study of art and science. I have a passion and intuition for incorporating the five natural elements, the Baqua and the balance of Yin and Yang into people’s surroundings and everyday life in order to bring harmony.

My education background is in science and arts. I received Bachelor of Science Degree in Slovakia, Bachelor of Arts Degree in New York, obtained my Feng Shui Certification from Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset, NY and Interior Decoration Certificate from NYIT, NY. I am a member of International Feng Shui Guild and a Red Ribbon Professional. My interests include yoga, boating, skiing, hiking, cooking, entertaining and creative design.

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