About the School

Tomorrow’s Key provides Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training in a five-day, hands-on intensively interactive program. Classes are limited to only 4 students to guarantee your best learning experience.

Besides performing daily consultations and transcendental cures, the week’s learning activities include dressing up to integrate the Celestial Animals, playing with tiny furniture to integrate the infinite overlays of the bagua, establishing a relationship with the I Ching as a support information resource, and much more. Training includes technology from video to virtual consultations, and interaction with other previously trained Practitioners for your support.

Students step out from day one as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, then go forth as they mean to continue. Students are provided the immediate support of a private Facebook group, receive a free listing and link on the Tomorrow’s Key Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Directory, and access to the advice and insights of all the other professional alumni.

About the Director(s)

Trisha Keel PhD is a natural born teacher and lifelong student. Trained in Feng Shui by James and Helen Jay, Feng Shui Designs, Trisha has added her natural spark and joy of learning to create her own training program, delivered through her school, Tomorrow’s Key.

Certified as a Master Teacher, Trisha has a Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching and a Masters Degree in Metaphyics. A registered provider of continuing education for the American Institute of Architects, Trisha teaches those who create the spaces about Feng Shui Friendly Design in classes all over the world.

Author of many books, including Feng Shui Fun: Using Margarita Research to Create Yummy Spaces and her annual Feng Shui & Moon Magic Calendar, Trisha also writes a daily blog, FengShuiFunOnTheRun.com, with a more in-depth, professional level available through subscription.

With over 50 years of research and teaching experience, Trisha blends joyful discovery with playful creativity to focus her students’ learning experiences on understanding the how and why things are and how they interconnect. She leads her students to tap into their own awareness of environmental energies for use in their new careers. Trisha’s mission to enlighten, encourage, and empower others to honor their Universal connections, live in joy, and achieve their goals.

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1847 Cortlandt Street, Houston, Texas 77008

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