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Interested in Feng Shui + want to learn more?

Whether you are seeking to add feng shui to your current toolkit, change careers, or just dive in because you know it’s a life changer, this intensive will feed your mind, body, soul and spirit. It’s not about skimming the surface of feng shui. The power of its true expression is found in the depth of its ancient origins. Its impact is brought to life through simple modern day practices. Come with me on a journey of feng shui. Become a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner or find Personal Success through my comprehensive live training study program.

This training covers:

  • 3 Core Concepts  (Chi, Yin/Yang, 5 Element Theory)
  • Classical Feng Shui (Eight Mansions, Esoteric/ Traditional Cures, proper use of the Compass)
  • 4 Pillar Chinese Astrology (Chinese Zodiac, Luck Pillars, Eight Mansions/Mingua/Destiny)
  • Flying Star Basics (Base Stars, Annual Stars, Afflictions, Cures)
  • Form School  (Property Analysis and Selection, 4 Celestial Guardians)
  • BTB School core basic concepts  (Form/Function, 3 Secret Reinforcements, Cures, Intentions)
  • Space Clearing  (Prayer, Ceremony, Property Blessings)


Delivered through:

•  Lecture
•  Case Studies
•  Hands-on exercise
•  Group Discussion
•  Guest Speakers

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A Personal Experience Intensive or A Full Experience with Certification

School Main Contact:
Tina Falk
9231 South Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah 84088
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About the Director(s)

I am Tina Falk, a Chinese Metaphysician and Astrologer. I’ve been practicing this way of life since 2005. Feng shui is not just a hobby for me, it is my way of life. The things spoken about here on this page are put to practice each and every day. In other words, I practice what I teach. 

As the founder of VIA Feng Shui it is my duty to provide you with base knowledge and skills to enhance the gifts you have already learned and developed. When you are successful, I am successful. When you are able to connect with and touch the world in a way that brings meaning and joy to you and those you work and interact with, then you are fulfilling your duty as a professional consultant or guide.

Training and certifying feng shui practitioners is a gift I don’t take lightly. As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, there’s an inherent level of responsibility and reverence to be invited into someone’s private space. Feng shui is far more than placing crystals, painting your front door, or moving your desk. It’s an ancient perspective that creates a modern methodology from which one can navigate their own life and the lives, relationships, and choices of others.

I invite you to explore the training opportunities at http://www.fengshuivia.me/training. VIA Feng Shui provides ongoing education and promotional opportunities to it’s graduates to keep the conversation current. Our desire is to provide platforms for you to discover your presence and unique voice by creating a network of compassionate souls who support and learn from one another. Cheering you on in whatever way you choose to use the gift of feng shui in your life and work. The school’s efforts are ever-evolving and always expanding.

Just as my teachers have passed on their love, passion and wisdom to me, I wish to do the same for you. It is my role to bring you into a place of being in gratitude, creating conscious intentions, taking action and believing in your own power. 

Let’s propel you into a more meaningful and purposeful life.

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