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Photo of Margaret Lee
Living Harmony Feng Shui
Work West Boylston Massachusetts 01583 United States Cell Phone: 860.614.3903 Website: Living Harmony Feng Shui


I have always been drawn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our existence. Personal experiences have reinforced my belief in how interconnected everything is and this belief seems supported by ancient wisdom as well as quantum physics. The concept of energy flow in Feng Shui is another aspect that fits with this theory. read more

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Photo of Marina Lighthouse
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC & Feng Shui Shopper
Work PO Box 3232 Los Altos California 94024 United States Work Phone: 877 898 7606 Website: http://www.lighthousefengshui.com


rrclr3Marina is a certified Feng Shui consultant, teacher, and expert on the Black Sect Tantric School of Feng Shui. She leads informative workshops and has consulted for private, commercial and corporate projects internationally and throughout the United States. She manages the successful Feng Shui consulting business, Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC. read more

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Photo of Patricia Lee
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant White Lotus Feng Shui
Work San Francisco California 94122 United States Work Phone: 240-888-9887 Website: http://www.patricialee.me


rrclr3Based in San Francisco and the Washington Metro area, Patricia Lee consults globally. Patricia uses a Master’s technique that empowers the client to construct and define their own destiny. This technique blends the environmental assessment with destiny analysis and uses date selection to optimize the outcome of goals and objectives. read more

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Photo of Dora Lai
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Shanti Consulting
Work Phoenix Arizona 85085 United States


rrclr3 Dora practices BTB, Flying Star, Form School and Compass School Feng Shui. Her education includes Chinese Astrology (BaZi) and I-Ching Divination. Dora has been certified by the Lisa Montgomery in Phoenix, AZ and is a Red Ribbon Professional in the International Feng Shui Guild. Dora is available for consultations by appointment. read more

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Photo of Galina Lobanova
Wind Water Reflections
Work Portland Oregon 97219 United States Work Phone: 503-593-5858 Website: Wind Water Reflections


Galina is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner through The Emerald Feng Shui Institute in Seattle. She follows Intuitive Practice of Feng Shui. Her practice is deeply influenced by Form School of Feng Shui, I Ching, I Ching Astrology and Chinese Traditions. read more

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Photo of Laurent Langlais
Laurent Langlais
Work 169 Mare Street Flat C London E83RH United Kingdom Cell Phone: +44 (0)7 534 340135 (UK) Cell Phone: +33 (0)6 26 44 10 04 (France) Website: Laurent Langlais Website: Feng Shui & Bazi Paris


Laurent Langlais is a unique French metaphysician: his mastery of both Western and Eastern esoteric traditions make him a unique voice and catalyst for the people he touches. He was featured in 2014 in the BBC show The Why Factor for his expertise in Bazi & Feng Shui, and in 2015 he presented to Virgin.  read more

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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Feng Shui Transformations
Work One Hollow Lane Suite 110 New Hyde Park New York 11042 United States Work Phone: 516-695-9868 Work Phone: 516-609-0909


rrclr3 Jane Lang comes from a background having spent 18 years in commercial real-estate and space consulting for corporations as well as private spaces. She is certified in Feng Shui through The Metropolitan Interior Design Universal Feng Shui Consultant Program and continues her studies with world renown, Khadro Crystal Rinpoche. read more

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Photo of Mo Linquist
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant PersonPlace Consulting
Work Kure Beach North Carolina 28449 United States Work Phone: 910-458-3044 Website: http://www.personplace.com


rrclr3Mo has a degree in fashion merchandising with additional studies in art and psychology. Mo is also a founding member of the Feng Shui Institute International and is allied ASID. Her feng shui practice “PersonPlace Consulting” supports her career as an “environmental language interpreter” including both residential and commercial clients. read more

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Photo of Linda Joy Leland
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Leland Designs–Balanced Living
Work 2300 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax California 94930 United States Work Phone: 415 457 0318 Website: Leland Designs


rrclr3 Linda Joy Leland is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and includes interior re-design as a specialty. Linda received her Feng Shui certification and advanced training at the Western School of Feng Shui, San Diego, CA and Interior Alignment/Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing with Denise Linn, San Luis Obispo, CA. read more

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Work Denver Colorado 80215 United States


In the mid 1990s, John Lanterman envisioned bringing the Feng Shui community together, and therefore formed the Feng Shui Guild in Boulder, Colorado. In May of 1999, John invited several of those attendees who became the Guild’s founders to lunch; and they realized while meeting that they shared similar views, visions, desires, and intentions for the Feng Shui community. Those shared ideals and values soon led to the creation of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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Photo of Marleah Llewellyn
Real Estate Broker
Work Portland Oregon 97217 United States Work Phone: 503-309-8014 Work Fax: 503-715-1390


Marleah, an Oregon native, graduated from Marymount College in Los Angeles. After obtaining her Oregon real estate license she opened doors for many Oregonians by assisting in the purchases and sales of their homes, condominiums and income properties. If my clients wish, I will assist them with my knowledge of Feng Shui. read more

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Photo of Sybilla Lenz
Positive Living by Design Inc.
Work Tunkhannock Pennsylvania 18657 United States Work Phone: 570-836-8888 Website: Positive Living by Design


Sybilla Lenz is a professional feng shui teacher, consultant, speaker, and international co-author of several books: Welcome Home with Deborah Courville, Living an Abundant Life with renowned visionaries, authors, and world class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields including Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Brian Tracy. read more

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Photo of Lisa Law
Lisa Law Lifestyle Designs
Work 59 Daniel Webster Highway Suite #110 Merrimack New Hampshire 03054 United States Cell Phone: (603)566-6109 Website: www.LisaLawLifestyleDesigns.com


A graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui™, Lisa Law is an Essential Feng Shui™ Consultant, Author, and Coach. Lisa enjoys working with clients in their homes and offices, drawing out their creativity and helping Feng Shui come alive for them. She specializes utilizing Feng Shui, personal organizing, and empowering individual hopes and goals. read more

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Feng Shui for Home & Business
Work Western state and surrounding areas Massachusetts 01102 United States Work Phone: 413-253-0722 Website: http://www.FengShuiWesternMass.com


Susan brings a background in library and information services in a health care setting to her work as a Feng Shui practitioner. She blends traditional Feng Shui principles with modern approaches, helping clients find practical, simple, inexpensive solutions — and delightful! Susan works with clients in a variety of settings: home, office, business, studio, and floorplans. read more

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Visionary Feng Shui
Work Sarasota Florida 34238 United States Work Phone: 941 377-7522 Work Phone: 941 379-2295


rrclr3Lois offers feng shui consulting and real estate services in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and surrounding. She has been professionally consulting and teaching feng shui since 1996 from the perspective of Grandmaster Lin Yun’s Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui. Lois integrates feng shui knowledge with over 20 years of experience as Florida Real Estate Broker. read more

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Work 32 Longacre Ln Alstead New Hampshire 03602 United States Work Phone: 603-756-4152


Bob Longacre was one of the visionary founders of the International Feng Shui Guild in 1999. This group believed in the greater good of a professional organization sharing similar view, visions, desires, and intentions for the Feng Shui community. Bob was also the long time publisher of our highly rated and dearly loved member only newsletter, the IFSG Quarterly. read more

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Photo of Joan Law
Feng Shui Joan’s Way
Work Stratford Connecticut 06614 United States Cell Phone: 203-260-7770 Website: http://www.fengshuijoansway.com


Joan Law is a professional Feng Shui educator and consultant who has been practicing in the Northeast for over 10 years. She is a Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild; most recently Joan was mentored by Feng Shui author and educator Karen Rauch Carter.  read more

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Photo of Michelle Luongo
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Balanced Living, Inc.
Work Delray Beach Florida 33444 United States Work Phone: 954-609-2584 Work Fax: 888 -272-7094 Website: http://www.balancedlivinginc.com


rrclr3 Michelle Luongo is an internationally respected Advanced Feng Shui Consultant, instructor and owner and founder of the East Coast Institute of Feng Shui. She is also the founder of a successful Feng Shui consulting firm; Balanced Living, Inc.  read more

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Photo of Jen Leong, MA HHP NC
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Wellness By Design
Work Las Vegas Nevada 89166 United States Work Phone: 702 998-8783 Website: https://jenleong.com


rrclr3Jen Leong is an Author, Speaker, Feng Shui, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consultant. She has appeared on San Diego 6′s San Diego Living for her expertise in Feng Shui and to discuss her book, Make It Happen with Feng Shui: Attract What YOU Want! and her aromatherapy line – Jewel Essence® Feng Shui Aromatherapy. read more

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Photo of Will LeStrange
Will LeStrange – Feng Shui Services


Based in Chicago, New YorkHouston and Los Angeles, Will LeStrange is a Feng Shui design expert with over twenty years experience, improving the homes and fortunes of clients throughout Britain, Europe, and US. His work has evolved into a practice of Holistic Environmental Design that spans Feng Shui, Geomancy, Environmental Psychology, Sustainable/Eco-design, and Kinesiology. read more

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Featured Consultants

  • Catherine Grison

    From San Francisco, California, Catherine Grison is the owner of Your French Accent, LLC and conducts consultations in both French and English.  Her specialties include flow, colors, fabrics, furniture, symbols, art as well as blessings, meditations, rituals.

  • Kris Dubick

    Kris Dubick, Charleston, South Carolina, is a Black Hat Sect Feng Shui practitioner. She received her certification in Meditational Feng Shui in 2001 after completing Melani Lewandowski’s three year apprenticeship program.  Additionally, she received certification through Nancy SantoPietro’s Accelerated Path Training program in 2004 and has studie with Denise Linn and Katherine Metz.

  • Rosalie Prinzivalli

    From New York, New York, Rosalie is a Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and MBA. She served as IFSG Board Chair 2006-2014.  She is currently a faculty instructor and East Coast Program Director in BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program where she trained, was certified and shortly thereafter succeeded Dr. Edgar Sung.

  • Linda Joy Leland

    From Fairfax, California, Linda Joy Leland is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and includes interior re-design as a specialty. Linda received her Feng Shui certification and advanced training at the Western School of Feng Shui, San Diego, CA and Interior Alignment/Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing with Denise Linn, San Luis Obispo, CA.

  • Bette Steflik

    From Portland, Oregon, Bette Steflik is a BSTB (Black Sect) Certified Feng Shui Expert, Ch’i Enthusiast, and Space Guru.  Consulting on site and long distance via electronic and digital media: email and Skype, discover with Bette how Feng Shui can uplift your energy, develop your awareness, flexibility, focus, intuition, creativity and much more.

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