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Photo of Carol Wheelock
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Feng Shui Vermont
Work PO Box 1005 Waitsfield Vermont 05673 United States Work Phone: 802-496-2306 Work Fax: 802-496-6657 Website: http://www.fengshuivermont.com


rrclr3Carol studied feng shui in the United States and China and received an Advanced Certificate from Feng Shui Designs, Inc. She practices Black Sect/”western” feng shui and is committed to helping clients create environments that support them and their goals. An experienced educator, Carol teaches introductory and advanced feng shui classes. read more

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Photo of Richard F Bryant
Work Vancouver Washington 98660 United States Work Phone: 541 991 1081 Website: http://www.adinfinitum.org


Richard Bryant is a Feng Shui consultant and expert Geomancy clearing specialist having been featured on the HGTV program, My First Place. Working in the field for more than 17 years, Richard balances energy around structures and on a property to enhance the effectiveness of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. read more

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Work Montclair New Jersey 07042 United States Website: Blanka Vun Kannon Feng Shui


Blanka Vun Kannon is an Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment®, the Feng Shui and Space Clearing School founded by Denise Linn. She offers tailored Feng Shui services and solutions all over the world. Specialized in small homes and urban Feng Shui, she will help you unlock the potential of your home. read more

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Photo of Lisa Montgomery
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Feng Shui Arizona
Work 7121 East 5th Avenue #16 Scottsdale Arizona 85251 United States Work Phone: 480-854-6961 Website: Lisa’s Feng Shui Arizona


rrclr3Lisa Montgomery is a dedicated Feng Shui Practitioner. Her Practice is devoted entirely to Feng Shui and the subjects attached to enhance her practice. Lisa received her practitioner certification in Nevada City with Helen and James Jay. She has studied in Singapore with Master Raymond Lo. She is the owner of Feng Shui Arizona. read more

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Feng Shui for Home & Business
Work Western state and surrounding areas Massachusetts 01102 United States Work Phone: 413-253-0722 Website: http://www.FengShuiWesternMass.com


Susan brings a background in library and information services in a health care setting to her work as a Feng Shui practitioner. She blends traditional Feng Shui principles with modern approaches, helping clients find practical, simple, inexpensive solutions — and delightful! Susan works with clients in a variety of settings: home, office, business, studio, and floorplans. read more

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Photo of Ashley Cantley
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant
Work Woodstock Georgia 30188 United StatesHome Atlanta Ga Home Roswell GA Work Phone: 6468203403 Website: Feng Shui Ash


rrclr3Ashley Cantley lived in New York City for 15 years working as a Television Show Producer who specialized in celebrities and homes. Now, as a Feng Shui Designer she uses the power of Feng Shui to intentionally change the energy of space to help grow businesses and manifest dream lives.  read more

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Photo of Soleil Paz Tranquilli
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Tranquill Gardens design & consultation
Work Elk Grove California 95624 United States Work Phone: 916-685-8010 Website: http://TranquillGardens.com


rrclr3Change your garden, transform your life. –Shamanic Wisdom Landscape is alive! Unify home and garden while honoring the environment and natural resources. I am deeply committed to water efficient landscapes (WEL). Creating wildlife habitat with California native plants is my delight. Inviting folks back into the garden is my passion. read more

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Photo of Tracy Miller
Gazelle Feng Shui
Work P. O. Box 80993 Atlanta Georgia 30366 United States Cell Phone: 404-229-7540 Website: Gazelle Feng Shui


In 1995, Tracy Miller was pursuing a masters degree in Cultural Anthropology at Emory University when she discovered feng shui through the writings of Sarah Rossbach. It was pure serendipity that the Feng Shui Institute of America was holding a workshop in Atlanta at the same time and Tracy decided to attend a 3-day course. read more

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Ripley-Grier Studios/Patricia Ripley Feng Shui
Work Ripley-Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue 16th floor New York New York 10018 United StatesHome 1 Pennsylvania Court Long Beach New York 11561 United States Work Phone: 212 799 5433 ext. 204 Work Phone: 212 799 5755 Website: http://www.ripleygrier.com


In 2003, I completed a one year program with the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design/Feng Shui Studies. In 2008, I completed the prestigious three year BTB S chool of Feng Shui Studies. In addition, I have taken seminars with RD Chin and attended workshops with Professor Lin Yun the head master of the BTB School.  read more

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Photo of Catherine Grison
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Your French Accent, LLC
Work San Francisco California 94706 United States Work Phone: 650 219 7211 Website: http://www.yourfrenchaccent.com


rrclr3Create Beauty, Balance and Abundance for your Space and your Self. Enjoy an ultra-personalized service with a Parisian flair. Flow, colors, fabrics, furniture, symbols, art…Blessings, meditations, rituals. read more

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Photo of Randa Clark
Randa Clark Design, LLC
Work Libertyville Illinois 60048 United States Cell Phone: 412-310-5449


A certified Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer, and certified ASID, Randa Clark presents Feng Shui workshops and consultations teaching the awareness of energy flow. Her previous medical career married her Interior Design creating Randa Clark Design, LLC, offering residential healthy-dwelling consultations understanding space clearing energies. read more

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Photo of Bethany St. Clair
St. Clair Organize and Design
Work 4096 Piedmont Avenue Suite 939 Oakland California 94611 United States Cell Phone: 510-304-4264 Website: http://www.bethanystclair.com


Bethany started her company, St. Clair Organize & Design in 2001.  Prior, she was Director of Human Resources for over fifteen years in various corporate positions.  She was involved with a start-up in San Francisco in 1998, that became the catalyst for creating her own company.  She feels comfortable working in private and corporate environments.  read more

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Photo of Marina V Umali
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Marina V Design StudioIFSG Board of Directors
Work Paramus New Jersey 07652 United StatesWork New York New York 10020 United States Cell Phone: 718-501-9033 Website: Marina V Design Studio


rrclr3Marina’s Design Philosophy is all about the power of intention and using good design principles to create custom solutions. She wants her clients to have homes that feel as good as they look, because she knows that deep, lasting improvements to the environment can create deep, lasting improvements in your life. read more

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Photo of Lois Kramer-Perez CHt.
Mambo Feng Shui
Work Paramus New Jersey 07652 United States Cell Phone: 201-906-5767 Website: Mambo Feng Shui with Lois Kramer-Perez


Through her work with clients, Lois has developed effective yet simple techniques that offer you tools for awareness, clarity & balance. She has embraced diverse energy modalities such as Feng Shui, Meditative Personal Clearing and Space Clearing as a way of life. Lois is a published author and the Feng Shui Expert on pazoo.com. read more

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Photo of Margaret Lee
Living Harmony Feng Shui
Work West Boylston Massachusetts 01583 United States Cell Phone: 860.614.3903 Website: Living Harmony Feng Shui


I have always been drawn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our existence. Personal experiences have reinforced my belief in how interconnected everything is and this belief seems supported by ancient wisdom as well as quantum physics. The concept of energy flow in Feng Shui is another aspect that fits with this theory. read more

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Photo of Marcia Burns
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant DesignBalance Feng Shui
Work Wayne Pennsylvania 19087 United States Work Phone: 215-350-4180 Website: http://www.DesignBalanceFengShui.com


rrclr3Marcia Burns is a recognized consultant, advisor, and educator of Feng Shui. She translates time-tested eastern principles to fit our contemporary western lifestyle. Marcia brings experience as a creative business professional for several Fortune 500 companies to her Feng Shui practice. She applies ingenuity and sensitivity to consultations, based on over 15 years’ experience. read more

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Photo of Glenda J Rosado
Harmonious Surroundings
Work Phoenix Arizona 85382 United States Cell Phone: 949-290-3273 Work Phone: 480-382-2591


My Western and Classical Feng Shui applications, coupled with setting clear intentions and educating the occupants to receive life from a more open, grateful, and divine approach, is a winning combination for the success in any area of life that makes life more fulfilling and enjoyable.  read more

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Photo of Diane Hiller
Elemental Empowerments, LLC
Work Litchfield Connecticut 06759 United States Work Phone: 860-601-1263 Website: http://ElementalEmpowerments.com


Diane is a Certified BTB Feng Shui Master ™. She is also a tested and certified Psychic Medium who is classically trained and licensed in Clinical Social Work. Her interests include Vipassana meditation, yogic breath work, shamanic journey work, past life regressions, Native American traditions and rituals, Chinese Astrology, the I Ching and Feng Shui.  read more

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Photo of Patsy Y Balacchi
Zenotica, Feng Shui & Wellness Consultant
Work Katy Texas 77494 United States Work Phone: 786-262-6362 Website: Zenotica


I’m a Certified BTB (Black Hat Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) Feng Shui Consultant. I offer tools for self-empowerment, balance, harmony, and wholesome well-being. My work is centered in guiding individuals transform and sustain their own energy, all the while creating spaces where they can align to her or his true SELF.  read more

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Photo of Gail Adkins
Change Magic Interior Consulting
Work 1328 Chapmans Retreat Drive Spring Hill Tennessee 37174 United States Cell Phone: 615-275-9514


In addition to a BA degree, owner of Change Magic Interior Consulting, Gail Adkins studied interior design and became a certified feng shui practitioner, training at the Earth Home School of Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts Certification Course and at the Red Lotus Feng Shui Master Consultant Course. read more

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Featured Consultants

  • Catherine Grison

    From San Francisco, California, Catherine Grison is the owner of Your French Accent, LLC and conducts consultations in both French and English.  Her specialties include flow, colors, fabrics, furniture, symbols, art as well as blessings, meditations, rituals.

  • Kris Dubick

    Kris Dubick, Charleston, South Carolina, is a Black Hat Sect Feng Shui practitioner. She received her certification in Meditational Feng Shui in 2001 after completing Melani Lewandowski’s three year apprenticeship program.  Additionally, she received certification through Nancy SantoPietro’s Accelerated Path Training program in 2004 and has studie with Denise Linn and Katherine Metz.

  • Rosalie Prinzivalli

    From New York, New York, Rosalie is a Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and MBA. She served as IFSG Board Chair 2006-2014.  She is currently a faculty instructor and East Coast Program Director in BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program where she trained, was certified and shortly thereafter succeeded Dr. Edgar Sung.

  • Linda Joy Leland

    From Fairfax, California, Linda Joy Leland is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and includes interior re-design as a specialty. Linda received her Feng Shui certification and advanced training at the Western School of Feng Shui, San Diego, CA and Interior Alignment/Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing with Denise Linn, San Luis Obispo, CA.

  • Bette Steflik

    From Portland, Oregon, Bette Steflik is a BSTB (Black Sect) Certified Feng Shui Expert, Ch’i Enthusiast, and Space Guru.  Consulting on site and long distance via electronic and digital media: email and Skype, discover with Bette how Feng Shui can uplift your energy, develop your awareness, flexibility, focus, intuition, creativity and much more.

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