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Frankie Jackson

Silver Leaf Feng ShuiIFSG Marketing Director
Work Servicing Houston, TX and surrounding areas Tomball Texas 77375 United States Cell Phone: 832-458-4224 Website: Silver Leaf Feng Shui
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Biographical Info

website:  Silver Leaf Feng Shui


phone:  832.458.4224

location:  USA, South Texas



I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Feng Shui found me!  It has given me such enlightenment and opportunities that my heart runneth over and drives me to want to show others how much it can help them too.

After becoming a certified practitioner in 2011 by attending Karen Rauch Carter’s Academy of Exquisite Living, I started my own Feng Shui business of consulting called Silver Leaf Feng Shui where I practice the Black Sect school of Feng Shui mixed w/Building Biology and a lot of organization.

It is a lifelong goal of mine to help as many people as possible to become successful, happy and healthy even if just implementing a few Feng Shui techniques and enhancements.