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Juan M Alvarez

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Feng Shui Cultural Centre International
School 2150 Coral Way, Suite 3A Miami Florida 33145 United States Work Phone: 786-533-3138 Work Fax: 305-857-9157 Website: http://www.fengshuiculturalcenter.com

Biographical Info

Master Juan M. Alvarez is registered Real Estate Broker and Industrial Engineeer in the State of Florida, with over forty years experience in the construction industry.

Master Alvarez is an internationally recognized authority on Feng Shui. He is disciple of Grand Master Prof. Thomas Lin Yun and graduated in Classic Shcools Feng Shui Mastery Program with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. He is author of Feng Shui, Predictions and Cures(annual English, Spanish); Feng Shui, the Harmony of Life (English Spanish and Portuguese); Feng Shui 10 Thousand Years Manual (English, Spanish); Feng Shui, the Art of Conscious Living (Spanish), Feng Shui, the Art of Design; Feng Shui Magic Tables (English, Spanish); Feng Shui, Water Dragon Tables (English); Feng Shui, the Heaven’s Pond (English, Spanish),Feng Shui, the Mystical Meaning (Spanish), and Seleccion de Fechas Xuan Kong Da Gua y Qi Men Dun Jia.

The Feng Shui Cultural Centre International (FSCCI) was founded, in Coral Gables, Florida, USA by Master Juan M. Alvarez and his wife Carmen. The Cultural Center has been dedicated to the teachings and promotion of the environmental art of Feng Shui.

The Cultural Center offers Feng Shui classes, seminars, consulting and also numerous electronic publications in PDF, explaining design theories of the classical schools of Feng Shui, including: Forms(BTB), PaChai (Eight Mansions), SanYuan (Flying Stars), SanHe, Water Dragon, Xuan Xong Da-Gua, Four Pillars and Date Selection XuanKongDaGua and QiMenDunJia.
Visit: http://www.fengshuiculturalcenter.com or contact: edu@fengshuiculturalcenter.com

The Cultural Centre offers Feng Shui seminars through North, Central, South America and Europe.

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