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Laura Carrillo

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Narrative Space
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My name is Laura Carrillo, and I am a Certified Feng Shui Consultant based in Los Angeles.  I am also a proud Red Ribbon Professional through the IFSG.  My practice is called Narrative Space and my website is http://www.NarrativeSpaceFengShui.com. I specialize in Space Planning & Clearing with your personal Narrative in mind.  Feng Shui is a solution oriented aesthetic and practice that treats your environment as a living entity and extension of yourself. While studying Feng Shui, I became inspired by the concept that our environments serve as symbolic mirrors and what is reflected is our personal narrative. When I visit a space, I read the narrative and help you edit your story with Feng Shui to create a positive new chapter. I help people and businesses by providing energetic solutions for areas of life that need enhancing.

Feng Shui and the concept of energy grids is nothing new and spans across all cultures and religions in some form. In India they have Vastu and in Western culture we have Sacred Geometry which our churches and religious structures apply, while in China there is Feng Shui. Even within Feng Shui there are a number of schools and interpretations from Form School to Compass School, Pyramid School, Flying Star and Black Hat etc.  I practice Form school, the oldest and original school of Feng Shui from which all other schools are based.

Form School has a very organic approach that is non-directional applying the Bagua from the entrance.  It takes into account the nature of the space and how to best serve the chi or energy flow by using good form. I interpret a space energetically as its own universe.  Form and structure is key and the environment or floor plan of a particular space will dictate the ideal placement options for optimal energy/chi flow. A balance of the Elements, Yin and Yang, proper Placement, Safety, Comfort, Aesthetic, Function, Proportion and individual tastes, each play a role in Feng Shui. All schools of Feng Shui originated from the principles of Form School.  I also host a self-cultivation channel on You Tube called the Goddess Show that shines a light on esoteric knowledge. I interview guests that have an expertise in the healing arts, energy medicine, metaphysical practices, spiritual practices, cultivating beauty, art or any Goddess related activities. Periodically, I have “Fun with Feng Shui” videos and share my expertise in Feng Shui. These Feng Shui videos are featured on my Narrative Space website. I love what I do and believe it is a calling and my Dharma.

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