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Laura de Bernardinis

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant UMA House of Qi
Work Geneva 1223 Switzerland Website: http://www.umafengshui.com
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Biographical Info

Uma’s mission is to promote the application of the ancient art of Feng Shui to daily life.

Uma founder, Laura de Bernardinis, travelled the world before settling in Beijing, China, several years ago. There, she was captivated by Feng Shui and has not stopped deepening her knowledge and enriching her practice of this ancient art.

Laura practices Traditional Feng Shui and is trained in Flying Stars, Eight Mansions, Form and Compass schools. She has completed advanced training at the American Feng Shui Institute and she continues to hone her skills at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.

Laura’s cosmopolitan upbringing, corporate background, and experience as interior designer – she ran her own baby environments design company while living in Switzerland – allows her to interpret Feng Shui’s time-honored traditions and enrich them with a distinctly modern flavor. Her ability to communicate in French, Italian, English, and Spanish has opened Uma to an international clientele.

Related specialties include Interior Design/Decorating, Educator/Workshop Leader, Blue Print Analysis

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