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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC & Feng Shui Shopper
Work PO Box 3232 Los Altos California 94024 United States Work Phone: 877 898 7606 Website:
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Marina Lighthouse is considered one of the most successful Western Feng Shui consultants. Her predictions for different animal signs exhibit a sense of humor and down-to-earth style of writing. A true mystic, she has kept her reverence for Chinese traditions with an innovative view of a western mind.

A California native and daughter of a Dalmatian immigrant who grew up in the Silicon Valley when apricots were once more plentiful than i-Pads, Marina was introduced at an early age to Chinese folklore by her father, Benjamin Marinovich. He was a hard-working agricultural entrepreneur and native of Korcula, Croatia (the birthplace of Marco Polo). Since early childhood Marina has had a deep fascination with divination.

As a result, she studied the I Ching and Chinese Astrology extensively and also immersed herself in Buddhist and Taoist theology. She was introduced to Feng Shui in 1991.

Marina is a certified Feng Shui consultant, teacher, and expert on the Black Sect Tantric School of Feng Shui. She leads informative workshops and has consulted for private, commercial and corporate projects internationally and throughout the United States. She has been a guest lecturer at the U.C. Berkeley Architectural Department. She manages the successful Feng Shui consulting business, Lighthouse Feng Shui LLC (Harmony in Your Environment), in Los Altos, California. In 2001 she launched the popular Feng Shui products website:

Ms. Lighthouse blends her passions together as an author, independent producer, recording artist and direct disciple of H.H. Grandmaster Lin-Yun Rinpoche, internationally recognized as being responsible for popularizing Feng Shui in the West. Her three most recent CD albums, Feng Shui Tune-Up, Heart Sutra, Oracle: Passages of Kuan Yin, have all featured this world-renown spiritual leader. In 2010, as a long-time devotee of Kuan Yin (“She who hears the cries of the world”), Ms. Lighthouse collaborated with Dr. Chris Wen Chao Li and H.H. Grandmaster Lin-Yun Rinpoche. Together, they co-wrote the inspired award winning book; The Kuan Yin Temple Oracle. In 2011 Your Power Animal Within – Chinese Astrology was published.

In 2012 in its ongoing mission helping to bring good Feng Shui into personal and professional lives she created a Facebook app, Feng Shui Horoscope that allows you to receive a personalized daily horoscope directly through the social networking site. Her popular eBook; Chinese Astrology Feng Shui for 2012 was published and during 2012’s Chinese Lunar New Year 1,200,000 people visited her site from around the world.

Related specialties include Interior Design/Decorating, Author, Speaker, Astrology, Long Distance Consultations.

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