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Maureen K. Calamia

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Home Saint James New York 11780 United States Cell Phone: 631-513-0059 Website: Advanced Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Website: Home & Business Consultations
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Maureen is founder of the Re-Nature Feng Shui™ philosophy based on the premise that we need to restore nature back into our lives, our homes, and spirits. She believes that the ancient practice of Feng Shui, along with spiritual practices, is a wonderful way to restore this connection. By bringing the natural world into our spaces – our inner and outer spaces – we bring a sense of balance into our lives.

The Advanced Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Program is a series of six LIVE Online Webinars that deepen your knowledge of feng shui and related aspects of doing this transformational work. Community sharing, exercises and assignments to apply the teachings. For certified feng shui practitioners and any interested students wanting to learn deeper about these topics for personal use.

Topics include:

  • Advanced Five Elements
  • Earth Energies: Geopathic Stress Analysis & Intro to Bau Biologie
  • Advanced Bagua and Compass Techniques for western practitioners
  • Tapping into Intuition in your Practice
  • Practical Applications of Feng Shui: Construction & Real Estate
  • Creating Luminous Spaces


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Maureen is certified in the BTB (Black Sect) Feng Shui tradition and has studied Classical Feng Shui. She is a Building Biology Practitioner with a keen interest in environmental and eco-psychology fields.




“Living in harmony with the Earth brings good fortune”

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