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Rochel Parker

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Feng Shui Technology
Work Atlanta Georgia 30501 United States Work Phone: 404-589-0308 Website: http://www.fengshuitechnology.com Website: Chinese Astrology
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As a Certified Classical Feng Shui Master and 4 Pillars of Destiny consultant, I offer my clients a unique perspective on their space. My goal is to explain every aspect or your home’s impact on you and how to create a space that will allow you to reach your goals, whatever they may be. I began my studies of Feng Shui in 1996 and has studied with six of the world’s most renowned Masters. Classical Feng Shui is a natural fit with Rochel’s education and experience as an environmental engineer since both are based in physics and study the impact of the environment on humans. And later discovered that 4 Pillars of Destiny offered her Feng Shui clients and others a peak into their Destiny.

For those not familiar with 4 Pillars of Destiny, also known as Fate Calculation, the Chinese believe that your Destiny is determined at the moment of birth. They developed a charting system based on your birth data that when analyzed correctly can determine your best cycles and years and when your less desirable cycles and years occur.

Much like Feng Shui it provides you with information that can change your life!
Rochel has performed hundreds of audits for both residential and commercial clients and analyzed hundreds of 4 Pillars of Destiny charts throughout the United States and Canada. She teaches classes at colleges and universities, conducts “Lunch & Learns” for corporations, offers C.E. courses for Realtors® in Georgia, and Alabama appears on TV and radio and frequently lectures on the subject. The emphasis of Rochel’s practice is Classical Feng Shui, the form practiced in Hong Kong and throughout the Orient. It is a more pragmatic approach than the Western style, since the results are more consistent and profound.

The 4 Pillars of Destiny are also based in sound pychics and provide reliable information about your past, present and future.

Additional specialties include Educator/Workshop Leader, Astrology, Real Estate, Speaker.

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