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Sharon Wunder

Interior Design Consultant and Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui™, Conspire DesignOwner
Work Denver area Colorado 80465 United States Cell Phone: 303-918-5610 Website: Western School of Feng Shui Practitioner
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Sharon Wunder, with her company Conspire Design, provides solutions for growth by perceiving how the client filters information from their surroundings. Sharon is a conspirator in co-creating healthy, supportive spaces using the modern Essential Feng Shui™ foundation along with experiences & training in: psychology, physics, education, spiritual studies, color theory, visual arts & interior design. Her skills in the language of art also allows her time behind the camera to study the essence of beauty in all things.  Check out her portfolio of fine art at Pixels.com

During our visit, we shared perspective on my work and personal intentions to gain clarity – then how to best use available environments as tools to support those goals. It’s a gift to be able to communicate what a space needs to fulfill the reflection of who a person is authentically, Sharon does this.” – Roxanne, client

Sharon is a member of the WSFS Speakers’ Bureau and graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui.


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