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Susan Beck

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Natural Attunement Feng Shui
Work Long Island New York United States Cell Phone: 503-228-0224 Website: Natural Attunement Feng Shui
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On-site consultations available in New York (Long Island and Manhattan). Long distance consultations available worldwide.

Feng shui can benefit any aspect of your life by connecting you deeply to the balancing and energizing power of nature.

Two main reasons to use feng shui:

1) To ease you through whatever challenges you’re having, whether they’re related to selling your home, health, finances, love, relationships, family, business, children, creativity, life path, spirituality, or inner awareness/cultivation.

2) To launch you from an already satisfying life to one that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

I look forward to you experiencing the wonders of feng shui first-hand.

Call 503-228-0224 or email me to discuss how feng shui can bring greater ease and fulfillment to any area of your life.