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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Creative Visions Feng Shui
Work 45 Crocker St. Ashland Oregon 97520 United States Work Phone: (541) 488-1777 Website: http://www.Creative-Visions.co
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Certified in both the basic and Advanced levels of BTB Feng Shui, Sugeet has been serving clients from Northern California to the Candian border since 1999. He has taught Feng Shui for the home, business and landscape design at Southern Oregon University; as well as private classes in Clutter elimination.

Rather than using many of the traditional cures, Sugeet prefers to work with the five element theory to produce incredible solutions. The results are both beautiful and practical. As needed, he clears space, often finding unwanted energies attached to clients. Once gone, discomfort disappears.

His work with both homes and businesses has always exceeded his clients’ hopes – especially when sellling a home, remodeling, or siting new construction. He is the Feng Shui consultant for the Straw Bale Village.

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