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Susan Fefferman

Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Harmonious Surroundings
Cell Phone: 619-733-9037 Website: http://www.harmonious-surroundings.com
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As the founder of Harmonious Surroundings, a full-service Feng Shui and Interior Design company, Susan’s mission is to help others bring balance, tranquility and harmony to their surroundings.

Her educational background is in Business Management, but after completing a secondary degree in Interior Design Susan felt a desire to integrate her holistic beliefs with her creative intentions of balancing one’s personal environment.  She herself had been using Feng Shui consultants for 20+ years and realized this practice was integral to her own personal goals. Thus she went on to formally study several methods of Feng Shui, including Western approach, BTB, Form school and Classical Feng Shui.

She’s traveled to Ireland to study Sacred Spaces as well as to China in order to broaden her Feng Shui knowledge, so she can better share and implement this ancient practice with her clients and their spaces. Susan is a perpetual student always looking to expand her personal growth and development. Through continuing education, trade shows, seminars and travel it allows her to bring all that is possible to her clients. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She has strong organization and project management skills, pays attention to budget and detail, is environmentally aware and is just as excited to see the final outcome as her clients are!

Susan also practices energetic Healing Touch for Animals.  Additional specialties include Interior Design/Decorating, Educator/Workshop Leader, Space Clearing, Color Consulting, Interior Re-design.

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