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Tamara Valentine

Harmonizing Feng Shui / Feng Shui for Classrooms / Thriving Environments
Work 1534 N Moorpark Rd #318 Thousand Oaks California 91360 United States Work Phone: 562-502-7887 Website: Harmonizing Feng Shui Website: Classroom Feng Shui Website: Thriving Environments
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I help build solid foundations through Intentional Design so everyone is able to live life fully.  Using my Essential Feng Shui® training to create spaces that support your goals and dreams and bring balance into your life.  Call me to find out  how “Cool” Feng Shui is … and allow me to help you create thriving home, business and classroom learning environments.

Tam Valentine – Owner/Practitioner @ Harmonizing Feng Shui.

I got involved with Feng Shui when I was looking to make some major changes in my life.  I was feeling stuck and didn’t know where to find what I needed to make things happen for me.  When Feng Shui crossed my path my curiosity was peaked and I purchased my first book on the subject.  I began making changes based upon Feng Shui principles and began to see things start to change.

The changes began occurring in my life at a very rapid rate after a couple of months of implementing the principles.  I was becoming happier, more content, and feeling really hopeful that what I wanted was coming my way.  Financial worries faded and I found the love of my life.  Since then, Feng Shui has been a cornerstone of our life and has completely captivated me for over 15 years.

It has been a most incredible journey learning this ancient art.  I practice Essential Feng Shui® and BTB Feng Shui Principles.  Intention, intuition, yin/yang and the 5 elements play an integral role in my Harmonizing Feng Shui style.