Ms Wendy Yawching

Healing Spaces CaribbeanIFSG Board of Directors
Website: Healing Spaces Caribbean
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Although based in the Caribbean, Wendy’s clients and interests are international. Her strength is in creating Healing Spaces… for people and for animals, at work, rest or play. Whether a home or business-place, children’s playground, animal shelter or horse stable, her unique approach enables her to enhance the energetics in support of the living creatures in that space, so that they thrive and maximize their potential. Many years as an airline pilot and a lifetime of travel have provided Wendy with an appreciation of cultural variations, allowing her to integrate traditional Feng Shui principles with the specific local template. She is a certified master practitioner of BTB Feng Shui. Her mission and her passion are encapsulated in the words:  Healing Spaces- Feng Shui for Life!

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