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Will LeStrange is a Feng Shui design expert with over twenty years experience, improving the homes and fortunes of clients throughout Britain, Europe, and the US. His work has evolved into a practice of “Holistic Environmental Design” that spans all systems of Feng Shui, Geomancy, Environmental Psychology, Sustainable/Eco-design, and Kinesiology. His clients include homeowners, businesses, corporations, the British Police Force, NASA, and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

He is available for both on-site and remote (Skype/FaceTime) appointments, providing residential, commercial, historical & new construction consultations for Local, National and International projects. He is the creator of The Modern Feng Shui Method, The Seven Stages of Holistic Alignment, and Arrange Your Space for Success, three powerful holistic design systems that transform people and their places.

As a teenager, Will LeStrange survived a near death experience, which took him on a 15-year journey of recovery through numerous holistic/integrative healing systems. He considers his personal healing journey as an amazing blessing that has given him a rare understanding of people, energy, and buildings. Inspired by the greatest healers and designers of our time, he integrates and expands upon the knowledge of our ancestors with his modernized Feng Shui methods

All consultations are geared to the unique needs of each client and the challenges experienced in any given space. His innovative consultation process comes with a 30-day follow-up program (with 24/7 email support and weekly check-in sessions) to help you make realistic changes that bring harmony, luck and success in all areas of life. Find out more about Will LeStrange here.

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Chicago Office: (312) 436-0622

New York Office: (646) 759-0866

Houston Office: (832) 769-5527

Los Angeles Office (310) 773-5463

Austin Office (512) 861-6900

Phoenix Office (480) 666-8635

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Nashville Office (615) 270-2786

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