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Body Space Alignment – The Conscious Alignment of EnergyMentoring Specialties: Feng Shui, 4 Pillars Astrology, Dowsing, Flying Stars, Space Clearing, Bazhai and Najia Methods, 5 Phase Theory
Work New Jersey 07712 United States Work Phone: 732-695-2575 Website: Body Space Alignment Yoga and Feng Shui Website: Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui Website: Feng Shui Healthy Designs Blog
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Mary Jane KaslinerHaving a mentor isn’t just a modern fad; it’s a time-honored practice that served well for thousands of years. With 17 years of experience as a teacher, author and consultant, Mary Jane Kasliner is dedicated to sharing why things worked or didn’t work and how to see key patterns in her own experience to assist others.

Certainly, we all come to the world of feng shui from different entry points. After nearly twenty years as a health care practitioner (Respiratory Therapist and Dental Hygienist), my soul’s mission was revealed to me over lunch with a friend. It’s almost 18 years since that lunch that ultimately launched my feng shui journey – and what a whirlwind ride from an unusual 12-parted Euro bagua system to classical methods under the tutelage of world renown feng shui masters.

I opened my first feng shui school with a partner in early 2003. By 2005, I reorganized and open Body Space Alignment (Feng Shui & Yoga Firm), and the Teaching Tortoise School of Classical Feng Shui. My school covers extensive material with key focus on landform/geomancy, dowsing and earth alignment techniques, bazhai, najia, 5 elemental phase theory and applications, imperial business bagua, flying star, bazi 4 pillars, and space clearing ceremonies including Peruvian Depacho.

My feng shui and yoga teachers are the inspiration behind my feng shui school, consulting work, books, CD’s and yoga practice. The blend of these ancient disciplines (feng shui and yoga), brings great insight to how I perceive and read energy.

So now it’s my turn to pass on what I have learned and help others dig deeper so they can expand and explore their passion to ultimately help others. In my mind a good mentor/mentee relationship has several qualities for success to ensue.

The ability and willingness for open communication.

For the mentee to actively participate.

A plan of action in place so we can be productive.

The ability to listen and be available.

We can trust one another and have compassion.

Thank you for this opportunity to assist you so we can both move forward on our collective journeys!


Mary Jane

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