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Clear Your Paper and Digital Clutter 30 day online course by Karen Kingston

November 1

This 30-day online course offers in-depth help with all types of paper clutter, including books, magazines, clippings, photos & documents, and their digital equivalents.

Paper clutter is one of the most challenging types there is because it’s so dense. You can sort through and tidy a small drawer full of general clutter in 20 minutes, but a pile of paper that occupies the same amount of space can take days, weeks, or even longer to work through, and different techniques are needed to those used for other types of clutter.

This course covers anything that is made of paper, including books, newspapers, magazines, clippings, photos, notes, cards, documents, and so on, as well as their digital equivalents such as email, ebooks, e-clippings and digital photos. Using methods developed over many years of working with clients online and in their homes, Karen will show you how to conquer each type to bring more order to your life.

Who the course is for
This online course is for anyone who has paper clutter of any kind and is ready to deal with it and move on. It is designed for personal use rather than business use, although many people find that after they have cleared and organized the paper clutter in their own life, they are much better equipped to handle paper clutter at work too. It is designed as a stand-alone course, and is even more effective if the To Do system that is taught in Karen’s Zero Procrastination course is learned first.

How the course is structured
The course will be spread over a 30-day period with three days for the completion of each of the steps so that if life gets busy you will still be able to keep up, and whichever world time zone you live in, you will be able to participate with ease. To get the most from the course, it is recommended that you make a post to the message board every three days to report on the progress you have made or ask any questions you may have.

The course content will be tailored to the participants taking it. It will consist entirely of text posts with the option to upload photos, and you will be able to log on at any time of the day or night to read and make posts.

Price: £90.00

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