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Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Space Clearing DOUBLE certification

January 17, 2022, 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST


Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® (CPIA )

Professional Feng Shui and Space Clearing Certification course

Interior Alignment is the school founded by Denise Linn, and LuAnn Cibik has been teaching this program for Denise since 2003. This school has it’s basis in Form School feng shui , with BTB use of the bagua, working with the power of nature  to influence an environment and additional 21st century curriculum or healthy home and how to have a successful Feng Shui practice. this course is appropriate for anyone who wants to deepen their understand of their space and use professional level information to create balance and beauty and empowering energy. And,this is meant to allow someone to step into their practice as a feng shui and space clearing professional practitioner.

This program is a combination on online AND onsite training. There are 12 live online teleconferences to take you through the basic building blocks of feng shui and space clearing ( including working with what every soul needs in a home, western astrology, numerology, color, as special methods to really understand how your client views and connects to their home). You use your own home as the basis for homework assignments, and get feedback from LuAnn weekly on your home and also have that opportunity to ask questions every steps of the way.

The ONSITE portion takes this  to the level of now how to work professionally with clients, This is far deeper than  a generic application of the bagua to a space.  Interior Alignment practitioners are client centered, and work with understanding their clients needs, desires, and challenges and then look for the reason within the space, and create recommendations that resonate with them, and their design style.

The Seven Star Space Clearing certification that this a part of this course is rich system of working with many many types of tools and understand how they impact a space, and create the new energy desired by the client. Our practice includes creation of intentional altars, writing blessing ceremonies, creating ways to preserve the new energy in a space, and the crucial aspects of preparing ones self for this work.

The Online programs begins Jan 17, 2022

The Onsite program is May 1-8, 2022  in Leechburg PA ( about 1 hour from downtown Pittsburgh PA)

Tuition includes lodging and meals at LuAnn’s home and retreat center on 88 sacred acres of woodland and forests.  Only 4 students accepted into this program. Each student has their own bedroom and there is opportunity to walk the trails and connect deeply here with nature.

LuAnn Cibik has been a full time professional feng shui and space clearing practitioner and teacher for almost 20 years and has been a part of the Interior Alignment Wisdom Council since 2004.  She has taught over 45 Interior Alignment certification programs, to students all over the world. She loves working with color, and holds a certification as a Certified Colour Therapist for the Home, and is a co-author of ‘Simply Color for Everyday Living’. She’s also a trained aromatherapist and is passionate about the energy of plants and trees. She has founded the Inner Harmony Forest Therapy certification school, so that more people can spread the knowledge of how the earth heals us, and how we can heal the earth. Prior to making feng shui magic,  she had over 20 years in the Information Technology field for both small companies and large healthcare organizations. She loves living on her land, with her  husband her doggie and 4 kitties, and of course the resident unicorns.


LuAnn Cibik


Inner Harmony, Leechburg PA
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg, PA 15656 United States
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