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ONLINE Feng Shui Mastery

February 18, 10:00 am-11:30 am PST

Choose your level of mastery

Shift your space. Uplift your life.

The International Feng Shui School offers two levels of training. In the first, learn the ancient art of Feng Shui to transform your personal space, yourself and your life. Continue to the second level of mastery and begin a new career with a Feng Shui certification.

You may take the course at your own pace online or you may join the live classes. Next round of live classes start in Spring 2022.

Either way, you will have lifetime access to the materials for Feng Shui Your Life or the Master Certification (which includes Feng Shui Your Life).

How do you feel in your own space?

  • Do you feel safe and relaxed in your own home?
  • Is your mind clear and your body refreshed?
  • Or do you feel uncomfortable, fidgety or blocked?

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy. In Feng Shui, we shift our lives with sacred practices and scientific remedies.

We design dwellings to uplift how we feel. In turn, the flow of energy leads to our happiest, most fulfilling life.

Feng Shui is designed to create positive change in your relationships, career, finances and health. We believe it’s also a path to self-awareness and transformation.

Feng Shui Your Life

Work with your inner Feng Shui. Connect to energy, intuition and self-love. Experience the life-changing magic of Feng Shui in your family, home, health, finances and career.


Feng Shui Master Certification

Deepen your understanding of these timeless teachings and become a guide for others. Start your own practice or integrate Feng Shui in your field of work. Share your light with the world!



Feng Shui Your Life Class Dates

FEBRUARY 18TH, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30AM)
MARCH 4TH, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30AM)
MARCH 18TH 2022(10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
APRIL 1ST, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30AM)

The Feng Shui Master Certification students will also attend the classes above.

Feng Shui Master Certification Class Dates

APRIL 22ND, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30AM)
APRIL 29TH, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
MAY 13TH, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)
MAY 27TH, 2022 (10 AM PST – 11.30 AM)

You can upgrade at any time from the Feng Shui Your Life to the Feng Shui Master Certification.