Sacred Geometry and Geomancy – Online Course

Written by trishakeel

A lifelong student and natural-born teacher, I began teaching my brothers and sisters as soon as I could share my discoveries. Learning is always multiplied by sharing. As an avid student of metaphysics, I find the principles of feng shui are naturally supportive of all life. The addition of transcendental cures is an ongoing point of expansion and experimentation, as I learn by doing. I am here to encourage, enlighten, and empower others to live joyfully, honor their universal connections, and achieve their goals.

The Mysteries have been hidden throughout the ages right in front of your eyes. They are shining forth into your conscious awareness when you see a star-shape, a pair of flags in a courtroom, or even a two-tailed mermaid on your Starbuck’s cup. Your subconscious mind knows much more about the Mysteries than your conscious mind.

Now you can restore your knowing of the Mysteries and use them every day in your life to infuse the magic of the support of the Universe. Your choices will be guided by Wisdom instead of whimsy, and your life will tune into communication with the Divine. When you live in constant communion with the harmony of the Spheres, your life moves to the highest frequency possible.

Build your living temple into a room in your new home, in your spare room, or in your back yard. Create a sanctuary, a spa, or a living temple. Step into your space and feel yourself return to whole. Life becomes as meaningful as you make it by your understanding and use of the wisdom of the Mysteries. Download a full syllabus at

Join Trisha Keel, Founder and Director of Tomorrow’s Key Feng Shui for this empowering and inspiring 6 week online session.

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This training will be provided online over 6 consecutive Saturdays in 90-minute workshops, 3-4:30PM Central. All materials are delivered as PDF files; all sessions are audio recorded in case you need to miss one or want to review it. Students are invited to a private Facebook group for sharing with each other and on-going instructional information.

The final presentation for 2019 will be  August 10, 17, 24, 31, September 7, 14. Tuition for new students is $1080. IFSG Member Tuition is $540. Check it out at

Trisha Keel

About Trisha Keel
A natural born teacher, Trisha Keel, PhD is a Teacher of the Wisdom, which she delivers through her workshops, training programs, books, blog, and coaching. With several degrees in education, metaphysics and life coaching, she blends her experience in a vast scope of fields to encourage, empower, and enlighten others achieve their goals, and live in joy.


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