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Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training

August 10 @ 9:00 am - August 14 @ 5:00 pm

You Can Make a Difference In Your Own Life
AND In the Lives of Others!
A few times a year I offer my Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Program to a maximum of four students at a time. This week-long training program provides a unique opportunity to experience BEing a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner as you and a small group of other professionals provide both residential and commercial consultations each day of your training. From the first day, you already ARE what you intend to be.
You are required to read some books before attending the class (see my web page at https://www.tomorrowskey.com/ProfessionalFengShuiPractitionerTraining.html), as well as to begin to practice Feng Shui principles in your own home, so you will feel secure in your first forays. I will walk you through each of the consultations, from start to finish, so that you will have plenty of experience with:
> the preparatory I Ching divination and evaluation
> satellite overview of landforms and structural impact
the awareness exercises during travel
> dowsing for unseen geopathic stress influence in their environment
> how to handle the initial meeting
> recording the consultation for your client
> questions to ask
> how to listen – and hear what is not said
> what to look for – especially how to see what isn’t there
> customizing rituals for the client’s comfort
> performing Tibetan Tantric rituals to shift energies
> explaining your client’s options for cures
> blessing the sacred space
> clearing stuck energies
> using various energy clearing options
> follow-up services
> attuning to deeper levels of your intuition to validate your
> sensory and extrasensory responses
> and much more!
Everyone learns beter from DOing than from simply reading about doing. My training takes you step-by-step through the consultations. We will all share our views and ideas of the energy configurations we encounter. For more information about what to expect during this week-long program, please visit my website. You will find links to the prerequisite books on Amazon as well as many others in my personal library. You will also find sample daily agendas and many students’ testimonials. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 713-952-5429 or email me at trishakeel@tomorrowskey.com.
This is a chance of a lifetime to work with a Master Teacher who is also a Feng Shui Master and a Holistic Life Coach so that your can balance your own life to then help others. As always, I am happy to work with you to set up a payment plan if need be. If you are ready to be your own boss, to be respected for what you bring to any environment, and to help others find ways to promote their own support, comfort, and ease that comes with living in a sacred space filled with well-being, register today! bit.ly/ProFSTraining

While the pandemic rages on, we are discovering ways to serve our clients virtually. This August you can take Hands-On Training virtually. Registration will be required at least three weeks in advance in order to ship you the materials needed to perform transcendental cures, the notebook, and the I Ching Workbook, as well as other goodies that are a part of this training.

On Monday, August 10th at 9AM Central, we will begin your training. You step out as a professional Feng Shui Practitioner, performing the Feng Shui consultation for a live client. Whether you choose to be here in person or online, you will attend the consultation via a Zoom meeting presented on my MacBook Air. You will be able to see and hear everything that happens and you will be required to give input to the client, as well as participate in their transcendental cure. If you are attending virtually, you will have all the materials there to handle as we proceed.

After the consult, we will debrief during lunch back at my place. If you’re live, bring a lunch. If you’re virtual, same same. We will evaluate what went well for each participant as we discuss everything that occurred, your understanding of it, as well as your feelings about it.

Afternoons are spent in classroom learning, as well as watching a video. If you’re virtual, you will have to make your own popcorn, but you will be able to watch the presentation via Zoom too.

Tuition for this training is still only $2000. The entire week is spent immersing you in a complete experience so that on Friday you walk away from the workshop as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner. I am open to whatever financial arrangements you need to make, but tuition must be paid in full before the first day of class.

If August is too soon for your budget, there will be one more session this year December 7-11. In 2021, tuition prices will increase to $2499. Class sizes are kept small for your best learning experience. Only two live students and two virtual will be accepted.

Call 713-952-5429 today to make special arrangements of simply register online at https://www.tomorrowskey.com/ProfessionalFengShuiPractitionerTraining.html


August 10 @ 9:00 am
August 14 @ 5:00 pm
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