• Feng Shui School Code of Ethics

    Primary contact or school director is required to sign and adhere to the IFSG Feng Shui School Code of Ethics as a condition of membership. The IFSG recognizes the importance of setting high professional standards for our member schools and communicating those ethical principles to the general public as a way of inspiring their trust and support for those schools.

    School responsibilities to the Public, to students, and to each other are as follows:

    Education Guidelines

    • All Directors and Educators shall act in the best interest of their students to ensure the best possible outcome.
    • The professional manner of all Directors and Educators towards students should be positive, supportive, and competent, without making unsustainable promises about the outcome of training.
    • Training and class work should not be given with the intent of taking advantage of the student and/or their perceived economic worth.
    • All Directors and Educators should never instill fear or put pressure on students, their family or staff by arousing unsubstantiated fear or anxiety for their health or well-being.
    • All Directors and Educators should not exploit vulnerability or ignorance or abuse trust.
    • All Directors and Educators shall hold all information provided by the student as private and confidential and not disclose any information or photographs about the student, their family or project, without express prior consent of the student.

    Education and Training

    • All Directors and Educators are expected to expand their knowledge and skills through continuing education as part of their professional growth, and are encouraged to support the development of the Feng Shui profession worldwide.

    Professional Integrity

    • All Directors and Educators shall provide professional service and behavior (whether paid or unpaid) to the public, clients and students, ensuring their safety physically, spiritually, and psychologically.
    • All Directors and Educators are committed to maintaining integrity, dignity, honesty and upholding the highest reputation of the IFSG and of Feng Shui.
    • All Directors and Educators shall refrain from negative comments, comparisons or judgments about other schools or school directors.
    • All Directors and Educators shall perform with the highest professional and legal conduct. Potential conflicts of interests, as well as financial rewards beyond normal payment should be avoided.
    • Inclusion on the IFSG member school directory is not an endorsement or guarantee of the ability or skill of those programs by the IFSG, and they should not be stated as such.
    • Advertising for educators, school directors, and school programs and services is to be accurate, ethical and dignified in tone and should not contain unsuitable testimonials or overstated claims.
    • All Directors and Educators personal beliefs should not prejudice interactions with regard to a client's lifestyle, culture, belief, race, color, gender, sexuality, age, social status or perceived economic worth.
    • Plagiarism, including total or partial reproduction of text or verbiage by another without express consent or without the correct reference, is unethical and will be evaluated by the Board as ground for cancellation of membership.
    • All Directors and Educators agree to honor the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property of another, recognizing that any infringement is unethical and debases their own integrity as well as our profession. Infringements might include the unauthorized use of pictures, framing another's website within their own without permission, or using another's trademarks without their permission. Trademark infringement includes use of an identifying mark, work, phrase, color, picture or layout that could lead to a likelihood of confusion with the legitimate holder of a valid trade or service mark.

    Case Studies

    • All Directors and Educators performing case study projects, as part of training or curriculum shall adhere to professional standards of conduct and ethics, shall maintain client privacy, and shall always act in the best interest of the client.

    Laws, Regulations, Codes

    • All Directors and Educators shall comply with all existing national, state and local laws as well as regulation and codes governing building, civil, criminal and general business procedures as established by all applicable jurisdictions in which they practice.

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