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Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Program

Contact: Maureen Calamia
School Saint James New York United States Work Phone: 631-513-0059 Website: Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Online Program Website: Luminous Spaces
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Take Part in a New, Exciting Earth-Conscious Feng Shui Certification Program!

Join a group of like-minded people who are looking to make a difference in their own path as well as others. Topics include:

  • Origins & Foundations of Feng Shui
  • Landform, topography & Chinese cosmology
  • I-Ching & 9 Star Ki Astrology
  • Western Geomancy (Dowsing)
  • Sacred Space Clearing
  • BTB & Classical Techniques
  • The Five Archetypes of Energy Transformation
  • The Human-Nature Connection: Biophilic design, environmental psychology, eco-psychology
  • Marketing & Crafting your own Feng Shui practice
  • and much more…


The Re-Nature Feng Shui™ Philosophy

The Re-Nature Feng Shui philosophy is based on the fact that we need to restore nature back into our lives. It is more important than EVER in our day-to-day lives. And I believe that the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, along with spiritual practices, is a wonderful way to do this. By bringing the natural world into our spaces – our inner and outer spaces – we restore balance in our lives. We will emphasize the NATURE aspects in our lives and bringing that back into focus for alignment with our health and well-being.

The path of Feng Shui is deeply transformational. Ask anyone who has been through training. Just like yoga training, feng shui teaches beyond the physical, and brings you to a deeper perspective that we call “Feng Shui Eyes.” Believe me, you will never look at life the same way, again!

This is a Program for People Who:

  • Are looking for a sacred path to a deeper awareness in life
  • Are looking to make a difference in the world
  • Are looking to play a role in raising humanity’s earth consciousness
  • Are looking for a potentially new career to be in service to others as well as doing something authentically true to yourself!

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If this sounds like fun, then this program is for you!
Join a fantastic group of spirited, joyful feng shui consultants that are making a difference in the world!


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Maureen Calamia is a leader in feng shui and incorporates principles of bau biology, environmental psychology and biophilic design into her work. This unique focus allows her to provide clients the most comprehensive assessment and most effective solutions to further their professional and personal goals.

Maureen is an active feng shui consultant for both residential and commercial clients and is on faculty at the Metropolitan Institute of Design’s Feng Shui Certification Program since 2009. Maureen has several ebooks and webinars on both home and workplace applications of feng shui. She is a Red Ribbon Professional and IFSG Board Member since 2008.

Maureen’s Philosophy –

– We are significantly impacted by our environments

– Research shows that we spend 90% of our days in buildings and our indoor environments are traditionally isolating us from the natural world and well-being

– By integrating natural and conscious design to our spaces we reduce stress and enhance well-being

In March 2014, Maureen has also launched the Luminous Spaces MASTER Series – a workshop platform to enhance earth consciousness – with William Spear, author of Feng Shui Made Easy.

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