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VIA Feng Shui Training and Mentoring – through Visual and Intuitive Arts

Contact: Tina Falk
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VIA Feng Shui ~ Training and Mentoring through visual and intuitive arts was created out of a need and desire to pay forward the knowledge and experiences I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of. And on top of that, it was to connect in a personal way—in-person, face-to-face, so that I understand YOU, your needs and desires and how I can best support you on your path. Feng Shui, to me, is such a comprehensive tool, allowing layer-upon-layer to deepen and strengthen the purpose and meaning of how one interprets where they are, how they arrived at this moment, and how they choose to co-create their life from this point on.

I honestly feel this is the best time to be alive here on this big, beautiful, blue planet. All her support and unconditional love. A time when the lines that divide science and spirituality are beginning to blur.

The indigenous people of this planet knew both worlds. They tracked the seasons, followed the stars and planets, observed the animals, and healed with natural plants. The ancient Chinese wisdom these seers and healers have shared through the generations has stood the test of time. Even during this new age mindset of technology, communications, and accelerated time.

My goal in this Feng Shui Certification Training Program is to teach you the foundational ancient wisdom with a lightened, more practical methodology that feels doable and approachable for just about anyone.

Yes, feng shui is growing in popularity and sometimes is even made light of what it is on TV. I have always felt like it was a personal responsibility to educate the masses as to what is and how far this expansive perspective can reach. It’s not just about the position of your sofa or what wall color is in your office. It’s much deeper as we’ll see when we read someone’s 4 Pillar Chinese astrology chart or Fly the Stars of the year. It’s more complex when we layer the 5 Chinese elements with the Chinese zodiac animals, the true directions with the I-Ching, even including numerology and the Chakras.

Yes, it’s that multi-dimensional ~ just like you! We’ll be diving in deep to empower people who are ready to create a more harmonious life. Through self-awareness, gratitude, and the ability to intuit energy through the eyes of feng shui, we’ll bring one’s internal expression and external environment into alignment.

It’s a true gift to bring this type of understanding into your own life. Can you imagine the impact you’ll have on the world when you get to share it with others?!

Are you ready to create positive change?

Find out more about our VIA Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Training Program

Find out more about VIA Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Training Program



Find out more about Tina Falk

Tina Falk, BFA-VC, CFSP
Tina is a Professional Feng Shui Educator, Mentor, Consultant and Speaker and the founder of VIA Feng Shui Training & Mentoring. Training and practicing feng shui since 2005, she combines her expertise and intuitive perspective to enhance your awareness and appreciation of Self and Space. Tina believes that being in gratitude, creating conscious intentions, taking action and believing in your own power will propel you into a more meaningful and purposeful life.

I am here to support — sometimes with a firm stance, but always with love and empathy — and inspire a new way in which to see the world and your place in it.

Some of my greatest professional successes come when things aren’t looking so good. When someone is days away from foreclosure and we are able to shift things for that buyer to show up at just the right time. Or when communication has broken down between loved ones to a point of calling upon outside help. Revelations in the 4 Pillar charts provide a new understanding and appreciation. Or shifting a family’s tragedy so they can move on with a more compassionate view of the circumstances.

It is all so beautiful. So inspiring and joyful. Yes, many of us are going through some tough times — however, interpreting these circumstances through the lens of feng shui can quickly make you feel like you can do something about it.

I’m all about keeping it real, keeping it practical… and keeping it light! Where do you want to go from here?!

Click here to learn more about Tina.

Choosing a Feng Shui certification course or training program is a personal decision.   What resonates with you may or may not be what resonates with another.  The diversity of the IFSG’s Feng Shui School Directory offers you the opportunity to find the “just right” program for you.  Schools offer Feng Shui training in a variety of ways.  The most common ways include onsite programs where you meet in class with your peers and teacher or through online interactive courses through the use of technology, webinars, online classrooms, skype and more.  Additionally, many programs offer programs you can complete at your own pace.

  • IFSG Gold and Silver programs are Feng Shui certification courses.
  • Bronze programs are Feng Shui based and more learn on your own, workshops or downloadable experiences.
  • Allied courses offer training in related disciplines including business and other holistic modalities.  Bronze and Allied programs may also be found on our Continuing Education listing page.

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