Choosing an IFSG Feng Shui School Program

Training with an IFSG School  provides you many advantages to position your new career for the greatest success. Professional Feng Shui training and education is important to gaining the knowledge, training and resources from qualified, experienced teachers and professionals. You can be confident and trust your choice in an IFSG Feng Shui school program.

IFSG member schools of all levels are held to high standards of excellence. The IFSG requires that all schools directors submit a program level application for approval and sign our Feng Shui School Code of Ethics.

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Program Level Definitions

Gold Programs

Top notch professional Feng Shui schools offering comprehensive practitioner certification or advanced Feng Shui training for the professional.  Courses offer a minimum 60 hours of training covering the IFSG Universal Topics; and include either onsite, onsite/online, or live interactive online learning.

Graduation from a Gold Program qualifies you to join the IFSG as a Professional member and you are eligible to take the IFSG Red Ribbon Assessment at any time upon joining the IFSG.  Taking and passing the Assessment qualifies you for IFSG Red Ribbon membership, our premier consulting level.

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Silver ProgramsProfessional Feng Shui schools offering Feng Shui practitioner certification via onsite, online, or a combination of both. Courses offer a minimum of 35 hours of Universal Topics as well as school specific materials.

Graduation from a Silver Program qualifies you to join the IFSG as a Professional member, our highly rated consultant level of membership with valuable benefits to support your career and passion!  

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Bronze Programs


Feng Shui training  programs and courses with fewer hours and commitments.  May be offered in a classroom or virtual setting. Great for continuing education.

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Allied Programs


Offering programs in Feng Shui related disciplines, Allied Programs may include but are not limited to Space Clearing, Dowsing, Interior Design, Massage Therapy, Reiki, business development, and many other holistic and business based programs.

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