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Allied Programs - Holistic LearningRelated disciplines, may include but are not limited to Space Clearing, Dowsing, Interior Design, Massage Therapy, Reiki, business development, and many other holistic and business based programs.
Gold Certification Programs

Click here – Comprehensive practitioner certification or advanced Feng Shui training offering a minimum 60 hours of training

Silver Certification Programs
Click here – Feng Shui practitioner certification via onsite, online, or a combination of both offering a minimum of 35 hours
Bronze Feng Shui Courses
Click here – Feng Shui training  classes and courses with fewer hours and commitments and includes evergreen/downloadable content

Luminous Spaces™ Feng Shui – Earth Energy Certification

Contact: Maureen Calamia
School Saint James New York 11780 United States Work Phone: 631-513-0059 Website: About the program Website: About the school
Photo of Luminous Spaces™ Feng Shui – Earth Energy Certification

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This Live Online Course is open to seekers as well as those that want to go beyond for Earth Energy Practitioner Certification.
→ 3-Month Course or 6-Month Certification ←

– Get in touch with your Inner ability to detect where the land is healthy and where needs to be healed
– Develop your own unique way of detecting flourishing, vital, healthy, energy as well as impoverished, weak, broken energy that needs intervention
– Learn a multitude of techniques to heal and enhance energy of the land
– Identify happy spots/power spots, nature temples for healing and for meditation and creating sacred space
– Connect to something deep inside of each of us and awaken our ancient, dormant gifts
– Read the consciousness and power of place and the impact of it
– Nourish our own elemental spirit and enrich every day life
– Develop your confidence in doing earth energy work for clients and helping to heal Gaia

Starts February 2019!

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Get in touch! Email the office at or phone us at (816) 246-1898

Get in touch! Email the office at
or phone us at (816) 246-1898