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Gold Programs - Feng Shui Certification and TrainingGold Level Training programs are comprehensive Feng Shui practitioner certification or advanced Feng Shui training for the professional. Graduates of a Gold Program receive minimum 60 hours, onsite or a combination online/live training, based on the IFSG Universal Topics which qualifies them take the Red Ribbon Assessment immediately upon applying for individual IFSG membership.
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American Academy of Metaphysics Feng Shui Certificate Program

Contact: Beth Grace
School Spencertown New York United States Work Phone: 203-219-9855 Website: American Academy of Metaphysics
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The American Academy of Metaphysics Feng Shui Studies Certificate Program is a program for Classical Feng Shui, Chinese Metaphysics, and complementary energy practices such as Geomancy and Dowsing.

This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Feng Shui and the core principles of Chinese Metaphysics which will allow you to understand your environment, activate personal transformation, help others or even continue your studies in related disciplines like Chinese Astrology or Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course will allow you to cultivate a greater awareness of your environment and your alignment to it to support health, relationships, prosperity and general wellbeing.

  • Identify and improve energy flow in external and internal environments
  • Learn to use the concept of Yin and Yang to create balance
  • Find out how the 5 element theory works and how it relates to you and your space
  • Create a birth chart for your home and learn how to use it to achieve your goals
  • See how the environment can impact health and relationships
  • Learn about the Chinese Calendar System and how to take advantage of good timing
  • Discover the ancient and mysterious I Ching for insight and personal empowerment
  • Experience a Feng Shui consultation during an actual on-site home or office visit
  • Opportunity to meet new people who share your interest in this ancient wisdom


Certificate Requirements: full class attendance, examination, your home analysis project, 1 residential and 1 business case study, 1 mentoring session.

American Academy of Metaphysics with Beth Grace


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Get in touch! Email the office at
or phone us at (816) 246-1898