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Gold Programs - Feng Shui Certification and TrainingGold Level Training programs are comprehensive Feng Shui practitioner certification or advanced Feng Shui training for the professional. Graduates of a Gold Program receive minimum 60 hours, onsite or a combination online/live training, based on the IFSG Universal Topics which qualifies them take the Red Ribbon Assessment immediately upon applying for individual IFSG membership.
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Click here – Feng Shui practitioner certification via onsite, online, or a combination of both offering a minimum of 35 hours
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Sunstone Centre Feng Shui Certification Course

Contact: Leigh Whiting
School 115 Main St. S Georgetown Ontario Canada Work Phone: 416-451-3237 Website: Sunstone Centre Website: Leigh Whiting Holistic Practitioner
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The Sunstone Centre offers a Certified Feng Shui Course which covers several different Feng Shui methods such as: Form School, Traditional Compass School, Western Black Sect Feng Shui, Modern/Intuitive techniques and the yearly shifts with Flying Stars.

This is a practical course to teach you the history, foundation and skills needed to practice Feng Shui for yourself as a Professional. The course is broken down into 5 Modules, each 15 hours long, resulting in 75 hours of classroom and onsite time. The first Module covers core Feng shui principles, the history and origin of Feng Shui, five element theory, chi and the i-ching. There are several in class exercises, including the chance to create a personal Min Gua. The second Module covers space evaluation, mapping out life areas with a Ba Gua, how to adjust and apply remedies through case studies and onsite visits. In the third Module, students learn how to chart energy based on space and time and apply Flying Stars Feng Shui to case studies, including charting the stars. The fourth Module looks at Chinese Astrology and applying previous knowledge to business space through case studies and onsite visits. Professionalism and marketing are covered too. The final Module introduces space clearing based on Feng Shui Elements Theory and includes guest speakers. Students will present their major case study in this last Module.

Once all class hours have been completed, students need to hand in a residential and a business feng shui consult assignment based on class content demonstrating their knowledge to receive their certificate.

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Get in touch! Email the office at or phone us at (816) 246-1898

Get in touch! Email the office at
or phone us at (816) 246-1898