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Gold Programs - Feng Shui Certification and TrainingGold Level Training programs are comprehensive Feng Shui practitioner certification or advanced Feng Shui training for the professional. Graduates of a Gold Program receive minimum 60 hours, onsite or a combination online/live training, based on the IFSG Universal Topics which qualifies them take the Red Ribbon Assessment immediately upon applying for individual IFSG membership.
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Click here – Feng Shui practitioner certification via onsite, online, or a combination of both offering a minimum of 35 hours
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Wind and Water School of Feng Shui Professional Certification

Contact: Carole Hyder
School 901 W Minnehaha Pkwy. Minneapolis Minnesota 55419 United States Work Phone: 612-823-5093 Work Fax: 612-824-2090 Website: Wind and Water School of Feng Shui Website: Wind and Water School Courses
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Professional Certification Program with the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui – become a certified Feng Shui professional and create balanced working and living environments for yourself and others. You can become a sought-after professional to help others create and set up sacred sanctuaries. Through this nine-month program, students are immersed in the theories of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui. The material you learn will enable you to achieve not only your dreams and desires but also to facilitate the process with others as a certified professional.

Students begin this life-changing journey with classroom-based instruction in the Minneapolis area. This session enables you to meet your classmates, while introducing you to the fundamental theories of Feng Shui. From there, you delve deeper into the material through access to online videos and follow up teleseminars to review information and answer questions. There are two more in-person classroom sessions, with videos and teleseminars in between meetings.

The materials you receive over the course of the program are packed with information, personal stories and graphic examples to ensure an engaging experience.

What You Can Expect as a Result of the Training

  • Become a preferred authority on the power of Feng Shui
  • Find extraordinary ways to approach the issues in your own life using your home
  • Experience the satisfaction of offering life-changing advice to others
  • Bring valuable guidance to people struggling to find harmony in their home or office
  • Create a home that is a sanctuary and supports who you truly are
  • Help others create a sanctuary of their own
  • Discover the strength of your own intuition
  • Uncover the depth of your own spiritual power
  • Offer assistance to those moving into a new home
  • Be an influential force in the design of new construction
  • Be the catalyst in helping a business succeed
  • Find other heart-centered people who are on the same path
  • Define and develop your own personal Feng Shui style


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Learn the fundamental theories of Feng Shui through the presentation and discussion of space evaluation, corrections and adjustments. You are provided hands-on experience by working with blueprints and experiencing private appointments. You will also be provided additional study in areas such as the five elements and I Ching. This journey includes classroom time, watching a series of videos, answering questionnaires and supporting teleseminars to support and foster learning.

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Get in touch! Email the office at or phone us at (816) 246-1898

Get in touch! Email the office at
or phone us at (816) 246-1898