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Professional Feng Shui Training - Silver Programs with the IFSGSilver Level Training programs include professional Feng Shui training and certification programs as well as advanced training.  Programs include a minimum of 35 hours of training based on the IFSG Universal Topics; and are offered onsite, online or a combination of both.
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Inner Harmony Feng Shui School – Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui TM and Space Clearing

Contact: LuAnn Cibik
School 825 Lovers Leap Road Leechburg Pennsylvania 15656 United States Work Phone: 724-316-2428 Website: Inner Harmony Feng Shui School Website: Inner Harmony
Photo of Inner Harmony Feng Shui School – Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui TM and Space Clearing

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Interior Alignment is a system and philosophy of using ancient practices from around the world to create uplifting supportive and energetically clear and sacred space.

Instinctive Feng Shui™ is our system of working with a space and our client to create a template for that clients life as represented by their home. It involved understanding your clients needs and desires, and then working with their space to remove issues that could less than optimal and providing enhancements or adjustments to resolve situations. We work with the bagua, the five element and a four element systems, the aspects of yin and yang and the flow of chi. We use colors, shapes symbols, arrangement of objects as ways to enhance the space, and adjust the energy for what is needed. We utilize many tools, such as western astrology, numerology and our process of Synchro-Alignment, and ways of the ancient shamans to understand and shift the space.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ is a part of the Interior Alignment levels of certification. Our methods for creating sacred space through energy clearing, blessings and ceremony call upon ancient methods used my native cultures all over the world. Interior Alignment was founded by world renowned feng shui and sacred space author and speaker Denise Linn. She is of Native American heritage, and many of the methods and tools used are from this culture, and work exceptionally well in North America. This course allows the graduate to feel confident as a professional space clearing practitioner, and they are become a member of the Interior Alignment Community. In this course student practice with Inner Harmony’s extensive selection of tools, including Baliness princess bells, Baliness Space Clearing Bells, singing bowls, drums, essential oils, incense, various forms of smudging, feathering and the powerful use of other sounds and intention.

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Get in touch! Email the office at or phone us at (816) 246-1898

Get in touch! Email the office at
or phone us at (816) 246-1898