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Professional Feng Shui Training - Silver Programs with the IFSGSilver Level Training programs include professional Feng Shui training and certification programs as well as advanced training.  Programs include a minimum of 35 hours of training based on the IFSG Universal Topics; and are offered onsite, online or a combination of both.
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Mindful Design Feng Shui Certification (Level 1 + 2)

Contact: Laura Morris
School 457 FDR Drive Suite A401 New York New York 10002 United StatesSchool 100 King St W Suite 5700 Toronto Ontario M5X1C7 Canada Work Phone: 917.310.5006 Website: Mindful Design Feng Shui School Website: Certification Program (Levels 1 + 2) Website: Core (Level 2) Website: Foundations (Level 1)
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Energy. Meditation. Sacred Space.

Mindful Design is a new way to learn feng shui. Created by founders Laura Morris and Anjie Cho, their unique training program takes an holistic approach to learning the art of feng shui design. Mindful design is about becoming aware, and attentive, to the energy around you: both inner and outer qi. It is about promoting a better way of living and creating sacred spaces that support, and nourish.

By enrolling in the certification course you have made a commitment to complete the full certification program. And as a student in the full certification you will have access to both Level 1 and Level 2 on our school platform.

Mindful Design Level 1: Feng Shui Foundation

An intensive introduction to a transformational practice. The focus of Level 1 Feng Shui Foundations is to teach you the basic principles, while also demonstrating the transformative power of the practice: five modules that take you from the feng shui bagua map to space clearing. This intro level is an excellent standalone course for those interested in dipping a toe in feng shui waters. It is a required foundation for those choosing to pursue the full certification. Bonus: everyone in the course who submits drawings, will have their floor plan reviewed in the Live Case Study Group Sessions*.

Course and module breakdown 2-day live online intensive: 5 modules + Live Case Study Group Sessions + Private Facebook group

MODULE 1: It’s all about the energy

MODULE 2: Feng Shui Design

MODULE 3: Clearing & Cultivating Your INNER Qi

MODULE 4: Nine Star Ki Numerology Intro: The Basics

MODULE 5: Clearing Your Space: OUTER qi

Mindful Design Level 2: Core Feng Shui

In Level 2 we dive deeply into the tools and techniques of mindful design, both practical and transcendental. The focus of the 9 module Mindful Design program is hands-on and constructive. You will learn skills such as how to read detailed floor plans. We will teach you how to interpret the energy of a space through design details, color, and layout. You will also explore the mysterious and powerful transcendental side of Black Sect feng shui, building on what we began in Level 1.

You choose your advanced study and concentration. Level 2 entails an area of focus. 1) Feng Shui Design you expand your knowledge of feng shui interior design, creating an original mindful design complete with concept board and space plan. 2) Feng Shui Energy: you will delve more deeply into powerful personal qi transformations, expanding on meditations and mantras, focusing on helping others to shift their qi.

By the end of Level 2 you will have an understanding of how to read a client’s energy, and adjust a space using simple feng shui cures and techniques.

Prerequisites to enroll in Level 2: Level 1 Feng Shui Foundations, including case study on your own floor plan and tutorials

Course and module breakdown 9 Weeks: 8 Modules (8 Core and 1 Specialization) + Weekly live webinars + One-on-One Case Study session + Private Facebook group

MODULE 1: Feng Shui approaches and schools. Reading floor plans and technical drawings

MODULE 2: Design features and feng shui Part 1

MODULE 3: Cures, adjustments and blessings Part 1

MODULE 4: Mindful design & the five elements

MODULE 5: The I Ching and the bagua

MODULE 6: I Ching divination

MODULE 7: Design features and feng shui Part 2

MODULE 8: Cures, adjustments an blessings Part 2

MODULE 9: The big picture: pulling it together

YOUR FENG SHUI FOCUS: Expanding on one of two specializations. Feng Shui design (decorating and design focused) or Feng Shui Energy (personal qi, divination and meditation focus).

Certification in Mindful Design & Feng Shui: Completion of Level 1 and 2 coursework, Level 1 group case study tutorials, Level 2 client case studies and the specialization project.





Mindful Design Feng Shui Level 1: Foundations – (20 hours)
Mindful Design Feng Shui certification program: Level 1 & 2 – (40 hours)
Mindful Design Feng Shui Level 3: Building Your Business (post-grad) (15 hours)

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