What to Ask When Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant 

One of the keys to success in choosing a Feng Shui Consultant – one who resonates with you – is knowing what questions to ask while building a trusted relationship.

Your IFSG Feng Shui consultant’s extensive knowledge, training, and resources can provide very specific and effective results. As a result of their training, your consultant will have a unique interpretation of the relationship between your current quality of life, your personal aspirations, and your home environment or workplace.

“‘Why’ and ‘how’ are words so important that they cannot be too often used.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

The following questions may be used as a guide in starting the hiring process to find the consultant who is just right for you.


What are your credentials?

Years in practice
Published articles or books
Special achievements
References / Testimonials


What Feng Shui perspective do you practice?


Does your practice have a specialty focus? What are your special skills?

Residential, commercial and/or landscape
Clutter clearing
Home staging
Space clearing


What can I expect during the consultation? (here are a few more ideas)

How long does a consultation generally take?
Should my spouse and/or children, roommates be there?
Shall I organize and clear out clutter before the consultation?
Do you charge by the hour or flat rate? What are your fees?
Do you offer a follow up or other services?
What can I do to best prepare for the consultation?


Can a consultation be done for someone in their absence as a gift or surprise?


Will you do a consultation long-distance or work from a floor plan?

Ready? Search top-notch professionals in our Feng Shui consultant directory and find one near you.

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