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Two paths to school membership with the same great benefits…

1. Linked School Membership – School director maintains an individual consultant (Professional or Red Ribbon Professional) membership and receives an annual discount on their individual membership. If you are not a current IFSG member, click here for more information to get started.  Annual $215 US + price of discounted individual membership
2.  School Membership – School or certification program that does not have an individual owner or director; ideal for university or other school type programs.  Annual $325 US

School Membership Criteria

  • Curriculum main focus is Feng Shui. Additional programs do not prohibit eligibility (such as dowsing, business, space clearing) as long as primary coursework offered is Feng Shui.
  • Minimum certification course length is 40 hours which can include both self-study and live interaction.
  • Some in-person or online live interaction requiredCannot be exclusively self-study [exclusive self-study opportunities defaults to continuing education].


Offer a course or evergreen program that is different than Feng Shui certification?  We have a solution for you!

Consider adding your course to our Continuing Education Directory.  Our Continuing Education listings are shorter term courses or classes and may include evergreen downloadable courses or self study opportunities.  Categories include Feng Shui, Holistic or related disciplines, and Business including social media and marketing.

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Start here…

You will receive an email with your inputs for your records.  Within 30 days, the IFSG School Review committee will review your program to ensure all requirements are met, and they may contact you for additional information.  The office will contact you to confirm your application and provide next steps.  If you have questions, please email the office.

Gold Program Designation

This is an optional add-on process; and not applying will not prohibit a school from becoming an IFSG listed school. If you do not wish to become Gold designated or do not meet the criteria, please skip this step.

Gold Designation – Linked School Memberships may apply for Gold Designation if they meet the following:

  • Certification course must present a minimum of 35 hours of Universal Topics as part of curriculum.
  • School director must be a Red Ribbon Professional member.
  • Submit application for review by IFSG review team and are approved for Gold designation.

*** Please complete the school application process before applying for Gold Designation.  You may choose to complete this step when applying for school membership or add to your membership at a later date.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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