Apply for IFSG School Membership


IMPORTANT PREREQUISITE: In order to apply for school membership, the school director or lead teacher much first be an individual member of the IFSG.  For clarification or questions on this, please contact the office.  We look forward to welcoming you!


Please complete all steps to ensure a smooth process.

After each step you will be returned to this page to complete the next step.


1Determine your preferred program level(s).
Click here to download a simple chart with curriculum requirements, length and delivery of training, and required membership for the school director or lead teacher. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for school membership/associated programs.



Complete the Online School Membership Packet.  This is the general information about your school including contact information and director information.


3Sign the IFSG Feng Shui School Code of Ethics.  

NOTE:  if you are applying for exclusively an Allied Program, you may sign the IFSG Allied School Code of Ethics.


4Submit Program Level Applications for ALL programs you wish to submit.  Programs are unique courses or programs that you offer to prospective students.  A program may be part of another larger program but must be offered separately to be listed separately.  Each submitted program must be approved individually.

With a school membership, you may list up to two programs for free.  You may apply for and receive additional programs for $27 each.  Each program gives you a unique listing on the IFSG School Directory.

Click the links/images below to submit each program separately.  After each individual submittal, you will be returned to this page to submit another program or move to the final step.

Final Step

Upon completion of the above steps, please check the boxes below and click “I’m Done!”  This will email notification to the office that your application is ready for review.  Thank you!

    Included basic contact information and director information.

    All School Directors submitting Gold, Silver, or Bronze programs must sign the IFSG School Code of Ethics form. Schools submitting exclusively Allied programs may sign the Allied School Code of Ethics.

    You may submit additional programs at any time.

    Alternatively, you may email syllabus to the office.


Click here to see a PDF download version of each step for your reference.