Red Ribbon Assessment FAQs

What is the IFSG Universal Topics Red Ribbon Assessment?

The Red Ribbon Assessment, based on the IFSG Universal Topics, is an online test of baseline Feng Shui knowledge. Developed by the International Feng Shui Guild Education Committee over a period of three years starting in 2006, the Assessment was created in response to a desire – by the organization and our members – to become recognized as a highly dedicated, skilled professional organization supporting our mission.

The Universal Topics Assessment is not Feng Shui perspective or school specific, but embraces the topics and concepts that all perspectives have in common.

Do I need to study?

We recommend that you review the Universal Topics to determine if you feel you need additional studying. We also suggest you review coursework, materials, and other study guides from your training. Once you complete these reviews, you may feel that you are prepared for the assessment. If not, we recommend additional study either online, through books or with one of our member schools.  Click here to read the Universal Topics.

How much does it cost to take the Assessment?

The Assessment costs $45. With that payment, the office will set up your access to the test environment and notify you by email within 1-2 business days.  You have two opportunities to take the Assessment.

What score do I need to pass?

The Assessment consists of 100 random questions; you need a score of 90% to pass. You will have two hours to take the Assessment during any given attempt.

Will I know what questions I missed?

Not specific questions. The Feng Shui Assessment is designed to test your working basic Feng Shui knowledge, not your ability to memorize answers. For this reason, and to keep the test confidential, you will not be given information on the exact questions missed. Due to software restrictions, we can only provide your completion score.

Am I allowed to challenge my results?

The Assessment is an automated online process. This ensures the results are handled quickly, efficiently, and without bias. Each question and corresponding answer has been carefully created, checked for accuracy and approved. You are always free to ask any questions you may have; however, challenges are not permitted.

When may I take the Assessment?

To be able to take the Assessment, you must meet basic requirements. If you have been a Professional member for at least a year or have graduated from a designated IFSG Gold Program and are already a Professional member, you are qualified to take the Assessment.

Upon meeting those requirements, you may sign up to take the Assessment by paying the applicable fee. Upon paying the fee, you have two opportunities to take the Assessment. If you do not pass with those two opportunities, you may purchase additional tests.

Upon passing the Assessment, your membership is upgraded to the Red Ribbon membership level.

How often may I take the Assessment?

Purchasing the Assessment gives you two test opportunities. Upon passing the Assessment, your membership is upgraded to the Red Ribbon membership level with the end date of your current paid membership term. Please allow the office up to 24 hours to complete the upgrade process. If you do not pass the Assessment within those two opportunities, you may purchase additional Universal Topics Assessments or contact the office for additional assistance.

I passed the test, now what?

When you finish the Assessment, members submit a request to the office to receive scoring information through a member assessment portal. Please allow the office up to 24 hours to complete the upgrade process; the end date of your new Red Ribbon Professional term will be the same as your current membership date term end.

Once I pass, do I ever need to take it again?

No. We recognize that you have achieved this membership level and you retain it as long as you stay current in membership. If your membership lapses by more than 60 days, you will need to pay a re-instatement fee in addition to membership dues to re-instate your Red Ribbon membership.

What are the benefits of the Red Ribbon Professional membership?

Feng Shui Assessment - Red Ribbon Professional

    • Recognition as a Red Ribbon Professional with knowledge meeting or exceeding the recognized baseline established in the Universal Topics
    • Special Designation on website
    • Priority placement on Feng Shui Directory search pages and through our Featured Red Ribbon slide show.
    • Special Red Ribbon logo for use on your website and in your materials

What changes will I experience if I do not move to the Red Ribbon membership?

All member benefits that you enjoy as a Professional member remain intact. You will not receive the added benefits the Red Ribbon Members receive, and there are distinctions between the two membership levels.

As a Professional member, do I have to take the test?

No. The option to upgrade your membership will always be available. You may also choose to remain at the Professional level indefinitely.

I passed the Assessment, but I wasn’t automatically upgraded to Red Ribbon?

When you finish the Assessment, members must return to the assessment portal to submit a request to the office for scoring information. Please allow the office 1-2 business days to complete your upgrade.  Your prior membership end-date from your Professional membership subscription remains the same with the new level.

May Student members take the Assessment?

Student members must complete the Consultant Application and become an IFSG Professional member; to determine if they have met the membership requirements to take the Assessment. Graduates of Gold programs may apply to take the Assessment immediately after joining as or upgrading to Professional member. All other applicants may sign up to take the Assessment after one year of membership. Contact the IFSG office for assistance.

What happens if my school is not one of the listed IFSG schools?

As long as you maintain current individual membership, your school’s status does not affect your membership. Your individual membership is independent of the school status.  As a new applicant, you are eligible to take the Assessment after one year of Professional membership.  If you have questions about that requirement, contact the office for consideration.

***Contact the office at any time with questions before, during and after taking the assessment.  Your success is important to us.

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