Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in joining the International Feng Shui Guild and aligning with like-minded Feng Shui professionals – this page may provide answers to YOUR frequently asked questions.  Learn about the organization, membership levels, and benefits, and opportunities.  We look forward to serving you!


1. What is the International Feng Shui Guild?

Membership Frequently Asked Questions - IFSG Mission StatementThe IFSG is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui and the establishment of professionalism within the Feng Shui community.  As a worldwide network of Feng Shui consultants, we are shaping the future of Feng Shui.

Our Mission is to:

    • Advance the practice, teaching and use of Feng Shui worldwide
    • Promote and serve our membership with resources, networking opportunities, publications and a content-rich website
    • Unify the Feng Shui community by establishing and upholding universal standards in professional practice and education
    • Inspire public confidence in the professionalism of our members as demonstrated in our Bylaws, Code of Ethics and the Feng Shui Universal Topics.

We believe standards and professional excellence – as demonstrated in our organization Bylaws, the IFSG Member Code of Ethics, and the Feng Shui Universal Topics – are keys to the success of our members, our organization and the Feng Shui community.

2. What perspective of Feng Shui does the IFSG support?

As an inclusive organization, we embrace, support, and respect all perspectives of Feng Shui.

3. How does the IFSG operate?

The IFSG is managed largely by volunteers, from our Board of Directors and CEO to our committees and local community groups.  All have a passion for Feng Shui and are dedicated to providing our members with unparalleled exclusive benefits, professional resources, networking opportunities, and business support.

4. How is the IFSG different from other Feng Shui Directories or websites?

The IFSG is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui and the establishment of professionalism within the Feng Shui community. We support our members with extraordinary benefits and opportunities; one of those benefits is our online Feng Shui directory for Feng Shui consultants and Feng Shui schools.

    • We constantly monitor our website activity and ranking abilities to ensure maximum visibility and safety.
    • Professional and Red Ribbon Professional members have their own directory listing page that is capable of ranking independently.
    • Members edit and maintain their directory listing independently – you control the content.
    • Post your events and classes for FREE on our Feng Shui calendar.  Simply send us the link and we take it from there!  .
    • Members may share their expertise by submitting articles for our publications including our Feng Shui Newsletter and popular blog.
    • Members may participate in all levels of our organization from committees to board participation.


5. What are the benefits of joining?

As a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, you are part of a community.  Benefits include:

Frequently Asked Questions - Membership benefits

    • Professional affiliation and recognition
    • Feng Shui Directory listing capable of ranking independently in search engines
    • Standards and Excellence through a Code of Ethics and Bylaws
    • Global networking through our closed Virtual Chapter
    • Exposure through our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
    • Access to low cost business liability insurance to protect your assets and reputation
    • Members-only monthly newsletter, marketing tips, strategies, and resources
    • Participate in every level of the organization – from general membership to committee to the Board of Directors

6. How do I join?

Click here to join as a Professional level member or click here to join as a Student member.  Note, to become a Red Ribbon Professional member, first join at the Professional level and then apply to become a Red Ribbon member.

To find out more about all of our membership level options, please go to our Join the IFSG page.

7. What are the Feng Shui Universal Topics?

The International Feng Shui Guild established the Feng Shui Universal Topics as our standard level of Feng Shui knowledge for our members as an instrument for unification, learning and public awareness. The IFSG community is diverse in orientation, education, and experience; and while we welcome this diversity, we feel the Universal Topics focus on what we celebrate as a common standard of knowledge for professional members of the organization.

8. What are the differences between the Professional and Red Ribbon Professional levels of consultant membership?

Our Professional Membership sets the standard for Feng Shui professionals or new graduates interested in expanding their professional visibility. Professional membership provides extensive networking opportunities, professional resources, business support, exclusive benefits, and the advantages of a professional Feng Shui community.  Click here for a full listing of benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions - Red Ribbon BenefitsOur Red Ribbon Professional Members encompasses all the above of the Professional membership but also have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui knowledge, history, and core concepts by passing the Universal Topics Assessment.  This level of membership is considered a ’Premier’ level and provides enhanced recognition, expanded benefits, and use of an exclusive Red Ribbon logo.  Click here for a full listing of benefits.

9. What is the Universal Topics Assessment?

The Universal Topics Assessment is an on-line examination of  Feng Shui knowledge, history, and core concepts, based on the Universal Topics. The International Feng Shui Guild established the Universal Topics as our standard level of Feng Shui knowledge for our members based on those topics common to all Feng Shui perspectives. Successful completion of the Red Ribbon Assessment is a requirement for Red Ribbon Professional membership.

Click here to read Assessment specific FAQs.

10. How do I become a Red Ribbon Professional member?

Your first step is to become a Professional member of the IFSG.  Upon your first year anniversary you may apply to take the Universal Topics Assessment. If you are a graduate of one of our Gold Programs and you’ve already joined as a Professional member, you immediately qualify to apply for the Assessment.  By passing the Universal Topics Assessment, you are upgraded to the Red Ribbon level of membership.

11. What are the differences between the Student and Friend levels of membership?

Our Student membership is ideal for the Feng Shui student or non-practicing Feng Shui graduate interested in professional development. Click here for Student Benefits.

Our Friend of the Guild encompasses members in complementary fields who, while not trained in Feng Shui, are interested in International Feng Shui Guild activities at the local level. Click here for Friend of the Guild Benefits.  

12. What are the differences between the various school program levels?

Click here to download a summary chart of the program levels.

Frequently Asked Questions - school levels - GoldGold Programs – Professional Feng Shui practitioner certification. Courses offer a minimum 60 hours of training covering the IFSG Universal Topics; and include either onsite, onsite/online, or live interactive online learning.



Frequently Asked Questions - school levels - SilverSilver Programs – Professional Feng Shui certification provided onsite, online, or a combination of both. Courses offer a minimum of 35 hours of Universal Topics as well as school specific materials.



Frequently Asked Questions - school levels - BronzeBronze Programs – Feng Shui classes, workshops, and courses, often online, with fewer hours and commitments. May be offered in a classroom or virtual setting.



Frequently Asked Questions - school levels - AlliedAllied Programs – Related disciplines are a natural fit to Feng Shui interests and skills. May include but not be limited to Business Development, Space Clearing, Dowsing, Interior Design, Massage Therapy, Reiki, and various other holistic training.


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