Feng Shui Friend of the Guild

Network with Professionals as an IFSG Friend

Feng Shui Friend of the GuildA Feng Shui Friend of the Guild membership is for those individuals who, though not trained in Feng Shui, are interested in Feng Shui and the International Feng Shui Guild. Participation in local connection groups provides networking and complementary business opportunities.
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The Feng Shui Friend level is a unique membership geared to local connections.

Though local participation is not necessary (and not available in all areas) to become a Feng Shui Friend of the Guild member, being able to connect with Feng Shui professionals and others in related disciplines at the local level gives all members a broader approach to community connections and leadership.  From interior designers to massage therapists, reiki healers, and professional organizers, all are welcome.   Find local partners who understand your design and holistic fields! 

As a Feng Shui Friend of the Guild member, you receive the following benefits:

Networking Opportunities

    • Network with Feng Shui professional consultants and those in related businesses.
    • Access to local connections groups.





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