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Dorm Room Feng Shui: Find Your Gua, Free Your Chi
Written by:
Margaret M. Donahue (Author), Elizabeth MacCrellish (Author), Katherine Olaksen (Author)
Create Your Space
Create Your Space, Create Your Life: Set Yourself Up for Success at College
Written by:
by Mary Roberts (Author), Chrissy Callahan (Contributor)
If Your Desk was a Car
Written by:
Frankie Jackson
Thriving by Caring
Written by:
Claire Boscq-Scott
The Modern Book of Feng Shui
Written by:
Steven Post
Feng Shui for the Mind, Body & Soul
Written by:
Ivy Henderson Ellerby
Wisdom of the Silver Sisters: Guiding Grace
Written by:
Sandy Rogers, Sharyn G. Jordan and featuring Lisa Law
Feng Shui Luck
Written by:
Anita Rosenberg
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