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Work Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15234 United States Work Phone: 412-884-4710


After retiring from teaching, I formed Space Solutions to educate and assist people making positive changes in their environment by eliminating clutter, organizing what’s left and applying Feng Shui principles. I was certified through the Feng Shui International Institute and am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and Institute for Chronic Disorganization.  read more

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Photo of Catherine Dean
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Catherine Dean Feng Shui
Work Penfield New York 14526 United States Work Phone: 585-410-0662 Website: http://catherinedeanfengshui.com


rrclr3Catherine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, SUNY Brockport. She is a Certified Professional Stager through CSP International Training Academy and has since become a BTB Certified Feng Shui Practitioner through Certified Feng Shui Professional Training with James and Helen Jay. Additionally, she trained with James Jay through his Certified Feng Shui Staging program. read more

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Delara design group
Work By appointment only San Francisco California 94114 United States Work Phone: 4155055554 Website: Design website


Dana Delara started in display and design industry which led her to interior photo styling work for Restoration Hardware. Now, with three decades of experience behind her, Dana has found an intimate connection with how people respond to visual environments. This connection to people and environments brought her to Feng Shui.  read more

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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Corius Wellness Center
Work 42 Mossie Street Horizon Ext 1 Roodepoort, Jhb 1725 South Africa Work Phone: + 27 73 424 5988 Website: Corius Wellness Center


rrclr3As an energy specialist and full time metaphysical consultant and healer, I have dedicated the past 10 years to my passion of understanding our connection to Spirit and the world around us having studied Consciousness, World Religions, Metaphysical Healing, Meditation, Intuitive Skills, Meridian & Energy Therapies, Creativity & Genius, Interior Design and Feng Shui. read more

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Photo of Beth Moorhouse
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant
Work Phoenix Arizona 85014 United States Work Phone: 602-821-1106 Website: My Real Estate Website


rrclr3My introduction to Feng Shui began while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the mid 1990′s continuing training with James Jay, Feng Shui Designs Learning Center. Today, I utilize my skills to educate people about the many ways in which Feng Shui can help them transform their homes – and as a result, transform their lives. read more

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Work Denver Colorado 80215 United States


In the mid 1990s, John Lanterman envisioned bringing the Feng Shui community together, and therefore formed the Feng Shui Guild in Boulder, Colorado. In May of 1999, John invited several of those attendees who became the Guild’s founders to lunch; and they realized while meeting that they shared similar views, visions, desires, and intentions for the Feng Shui community. Those shared ideals and values soon led to the creation of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Dragon Phoenix Feng Shui
Work Phoenix Arizona 85020 United States Work Phone: 602-380-3054 Website: Mary Wimmer Website: http://www.dragonphoenixfengshui.com


rrclr3Mary Wimmer is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. She received her practitioner certification under the tutelage of Lisa Montgomery of “Feng Shui Arizona”. Mary incorporates Black Tibetan Buddhist, Flying Star, Form School, Compass School, Eight Mansions and Four Pillars Chinese Astrology in her practice. read more

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Photo of Margaret Lee
Living Harmony Feng Shui
Work West Boylston Massachusetts 01583 United States Cell Phone: 860.614.3903 Website: Living Harmony Feng Shui


I have always been drawn to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our existence. Personal experiences have reinforced my belief in how interconnected everything is and this belief seems supported by ancient wisdom as well as quantum physics. The concept of energy flow in Feng Shui is another aspect that fits with this theory. read more

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Photo of Dr. Lisa Acocella
Feng Shui Your Spaces
Work Wichita Kansas 67501 United States Cell Phone: (713) 320-7718 Website: http://www.FengShuiYourSpaces.com


Inspired Feng Shui Consultations to optimize your health, wealth and happiness in all your spaces. I clear and align spaces using Feng Shui principles so you get the results you desire! My consultations and services originate from my deep desire to assist you in having the life, relationships and health of your dreams! read more

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Photo of Julie Schuster
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Julie Schuster Design Studio
Work 11 Riverside Drive Ste. 5SW New York New York 10023 United States Work Phone: 646.295.0018 Website: Julie Schuster Design Studio


rrclr3At Julie Schuster Design Studio, a Holistic Interior Design company, the focus is on the process of creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces. Julie holds a BS in Business, and a degree in Interior Design from New York School for Interior Design and a degree in Feng Shui from Metropolitan Institute for Interior Design read more

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Photo of Ashley Peacock
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Peacock Feng Shui
Work Long Island City New York 11109 United States Home Phone: 347-610-3139 Website: Website


rrclr3Ashley Peacock is a NYC based Feng Shui consultant offering onsite and virtual consultations. She is trained in BTB and classical styles of Feng Shui and Bau Biologie. Her goal is to create inspiring and balanced living and work spaces that support what you want in your life. read more

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Photo of Laurent Langlais
Laurent Langlais
Work 169 Mare Street Flat C London E83RH United Kingdom Cell Phone: +44 (0)7 534 340135 (UK) Cell Phone: +33 (0)6 26 44 10 04 (France) Website: Laurent Langlais Website: Feng Shui & Bazi Paris


Laurent Langlais is a unique French metaphysician: his mastery of both Western and Eastern esoteric traditions make him a unique voice and catalyst for the people he touches. He was featured in 2014 in the BBC show The Why Factor for his expertise in Bazi & Feng Shui, and in 2015 he presented to Virgin.  read more

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Red Ribbon Professional Consultant www.AromatheraChi.com
Home West Hempstead New York 11552 United States Work Phone: 516-587-3551


rrclr3Owned by Andrea Giordano, The Feng Shui Way is a consultancy business that offers Feng Shui for home and exterior Landscape/Garden Design. Lectures/Workshops on these related topics are offered. The Feng Shui Way offers a unique way to combine your interior space with your exterior space. read more

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Photo of Rania Yacoub
Design and Feng Shui by Rania
Work Largo Florida 33778 United States Website: http://raniayacoub.com


As a tenured NYC designer and a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, I love to create beautiful environments that ensure prosperity, happiness and harmony. Through Feng Shui principles, I specialize in Interior design, staging, redesign, as well as organizing solutions and de-cluttering. read more

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Photo of Marisol Zinghini
Essential Ch’i, Inc.
Work Nederland Colorado 80466 United States Work Phone: 305-402-2446 Work Fax: 305-402-2446 Website: http://www.EssentialChi.net


Marisol is a Certified Feng Shui practitioner, lecturer, and founder of Essential Ch’i. Through lecture series, one-on-one consultation services, and a variety of product offerings, Marisol is expanding awareness of Feng Shui principles in Miami, Coral Gables, and South Beach, and also in the Netherlands, Aruba, and throughout the Caribbean. read more

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Photo of Carrie Pitzulo
Harmony Home Feng Shui


Carrie Pitzulo is a certified Feng Shui consultant from the Earth Home School of Feng Shui, and has studied other metaphysical modalities including energy healing, shamanism, and tarot reading. Carrie is also a teacher and published author. read more

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Photo of Jan Walsh
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant A New View by Jan Walsh
Work 1346 The Alameda #7-337 San Jose California 95126 United States Work Phone: 719-649-1968


rrclr3After 25 years in graphic design and visual merchandisng, Jan Walsh refocused her career towards new concepts in interior design, Feng Shui, and energy work in 2000. Her certifications include Interior Re-design and Realty Enhancement. Now a member of the American Society of Dowsers, Jan adds a new skill set to her energy work. read more

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Photo of Maureen K. Calamia
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant Luminous Spaces Feng Shui ConsultingIFSG Board Secretary
Work Saint James New York 11780 United States Cell Phone: 631-513-0059 Website: Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School Website: Home & Business Consultations


rrclr3Maureen is founder of the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui™, based on the premise that we need to restore a meaningful connection to nature back into our lives, our homes, and spirits. She believes that the ancient practice of Feng Shui, along with spiritual practices, is a wonderful way to restore this connection. read more

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Photo of Lucia BIANCHI
Red Ribbon Professional Consultant missBianchi-Conseil
Work Paris France 75018 France Website: missBianchi-Conseil


rrclr3Offering on-site consultations in France and Italy, as well as long distance consultations worldwide in three languages: French, Italian and English.  My atypical blend of Fashion Feng Shui® and Feng Shui Services help you find harmony and balance in your closet, home and office; giving space of expression to your core essence and personal style. read more

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Photo of Dee Rafferty
Feng Shui Your Space
Work 36 Hayward Road Wandandian New South Wales 2540 Australia Cell Phone: 0423190670


In 2000 I traveled from Australia to California to study under the guidance of James & Helen Jay! Over the years I have enhanced my feng shui practice learning various meditation techniques from monks and other practitioners of meditation. More recently I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Philosophy (Ethics).  read more

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Featured Consultants

  • Catherine Grison

    From San Francisco, California, Catherine Grison is the owner of Your French Accent, LLC and conducts consultations in both French and English.  Her specialties include flow, colors, fabrics, furniture, symbols, art as well as blessings, meditations, rituals.

  • Kris Dubick

    Kris Dubick, Charleston, South Carolina, is a Black Hat Sect Feng Shui practitioner. She received her certification in Meditational Feng Shui in 2001 after completing Melani Lewandowski’s three year apprenticeship program.  Additionally, she received certification through Nancy SantoPietro’s Accelerated Path Training program in 2004 and has studie with Denise Linn and Katherine Metz.

  • Rosalie Prinzivalli

    From New York, New York, Rosalie is a Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and MBA. She served as IFSG Board Chair 2006-2014.  She is currently a faculty instructor and East Coast Program Director in BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program where she trained, was certified and shortly thereafter succeeded Dr. Edgar Sung.

  • Linda Joy Leland

    From Fairfax, California, Linda Joy Leland is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and includes interior re-design as a specialty. Linda received her Feng Shui certification and advanced training at the Western School of Feng Shui, San Diego, CA and Interior Alignment/Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing with Denise Linn, San Luis Obispo, CA.

  • Bette Steflik

    From Portland, Oregon, Bette Steflik is a BSTB (Black Sect) Certified Feng Shui Expert, Ch’i Enthusiast, and Space Guru.  Consulting on site and long distance via electronic and digital media: email and Skype, discover with Bette how Feng Shui can uplift your energy, develop your awareness, flexibility, focus, intuition, creativity and much more.

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