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A diagram akin to the Chinese flowchart for the cyclical energies of the manifested universe, originating from the I Ching and the Lo Shu. The literal translation is “eight house.” It consists of eight external houses (guas) and a central one called the Tai Ji, (Tai Chi) a symbol denoting a perfect balance of the flowing energies of yin and yang…

I Ching

Translated as the Book of Changes, the I Ching is an ancient Chinese philosophical text and one of the oldest systems of describing the nature, movements, and developments of every event or phenomenon in the universe. It consists of sixty-four hexagrams based on all the possible combinations of the eight trigrams and has been used for divination…

Feng Shui

Translates as wind and water. Chinese geomancy, known in ancient times as Kan Yu, is said to be over 5000 years old. Feng Shui comes from the I Ching and is grounded in Five Elements Theory. It is the art and science of harmonizing the person with their environment and heavenly influences. This is done with the knowledge of landforms…


The motivating life-force also called “Cosmic Breath,” “prana,” or “Dragon’s Breath.” It has also been referred to as vital energy, primordial breath, air, breath, and energy. Existing everywhere, it is the term that refers to all forms of energy and its flow and is considered the universal energy between heaven and earth. It is the movement of life force energy…

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