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Photo of Lotus Institute
Contact: Lillian Bridges
School 810 Third Avenue, Suite 242 Seattle Washington 98104 United States Work Phone: 206-682-8885 Work Phone: 619-688-3009 Website: Lotus Institute Inc.


Lillian BridgesLillian Pearl Bridges is the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis. She is credited for bringing this body of ancient knowledge back to the field of Chinese Medicine and introducing it to Western Medicine and Business. She is also an internationally recognized Five Element Feng Shui expert. She teaches and works with major developers, architects, corporations and private clients to create ergonomic and aesthetic buildings, offices and home environments.

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Photo of Earth Home School of Feng Shui + Intuitive Arts
Contact: Tisha Morris


Find out more about Tisha MorrisTisha Morris is the founder of Earth Home. She is the author of Mind Body Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (Llewellyn), Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life (Turner Publishing), and the upcoming book, Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui (Llewellyn).

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Photo of Academy of Exquisite Living
Contact: Karen Rauch Carter
School 2614 Tamiami Trail N. #303 Naples Florida 34103 United States Work Phone: 714-486-0752 Work Fax: 714-508-9937 Website: Karen Rauch Carter Website: Professional Training Website: Karen's Feng Shui Blog Website: Affiliate Program


Karen Rauch Carter is the author of the national bestselling feng shui book, “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” (Simon & Schuster, 2000) which is currently translated in seven languages. Besides being a feng shui consultant and healthy lifestyle designer, she is an international speaker, a professional feng shui educator, mentor, and coach.

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Photo of American Academy of Metaphysics
Contact: Beth Grace
School Fairfield Connecticut United States Work Phone: 203-219-9855 Work Fax: 203-549-8396 Website:


Beth GraceBeth Grace is an International Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics consultant who began her studies at the New England School of Feng Shui and continued her training with Joey Yap in Malaysia. She is also a professional astrologer who uses BaZi or 4 Pillars astrology as Well as Qi Men Dun Jia, to understand her clients, assist them with their life’s goals and for business coaching. She also uses I Ching for divination and life guidance. In addition to Chinese geomancy and metaphysics she also incorporates dowsing in her work for Space Clearing, Earth Energies and water location for well sites.

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Photo of Tomorrows Key
Contact: Trisha Keel PhD
School 1624 Bonnie Brae Street, No 6 Houston Texas 77006 United States Work Phone: 713-952-5429 Website: Tomorrow's Key Website: Trisha Keel Website: Feng Shui Fun on the Run Website: Blog


Find out more about Trisha KeelTrisha Keel, PhD is a natural born teacher and lifelong student. Trained in Feng Shui by James and Helen Jay, Feng Shui Designs, Trisha has added her natural spark and joy of learning to create her own training program, delivered through her school, Tomorrow’s Key. Certified as a Master Teacher, Trisha has a Doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching and a Masters Degree in Metaphyics. A registered provider of continuing education for the American Institute of Architects, Trisha teaches those who create the spaces about Feng Shui Friendly Design in classes all over the world.

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Photo of Feng Shui Designs Learning Center / China Studies
Contact: James Jay
School PO Box 399 / 130 Main St Nevada City California 95959 United States Work Phone: 800-551-2482 Work Phone: 707-237-5132 Work Fax: 707-237-5132 Website: Feng Shui Designs Website: China Studies Website: See our Upcoming Schedule Blog: China Studies Blog


Find out more about James JayJames Jay and his wife, Helen, are internationally recognized consultants and instructors of Feng Shui and are veteran China travel experts. The Jays have led Feng Shui training programs throughout the United States, Belgium, Spain, Mexico and China since 1993. A dynamic teaching team combining both an analytical and intuitive approach, the Jays have created unique and rewarding training programs and educational tours.

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Photo of Design Wisdom School of Feng Shui
Contact: Mary Shurtleff
School 296 Jody Court Mesquite Nevada 89027 United States Work Phone: 801-573-4042 Website: Mary Shurtleff


Find out more about Mary ShurtleffMary Shurtleff is an expert in the ancient art of Feng Shui and combines it with behavioral interior design within the home. Mary Shurtleff of Design Wisdom-Feng Shui is an author, Feng Shui Interior Designer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Eastern Astrologer specializing in the Chinese Zodiac.  Mary has appeared as a guest speaker on Feng Shui and Behavior for various organizations across the United States as well as television appearances.  Her publications include her well received yearly predictions and reading among others.

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Photo of Conscious Design Institute
Contact: Renae Jensen
School PO Box 430 Hope New Jersey 07844 United States Work Phone: 908-797-5225 Website: Conscious Design Institute Website: Design Harmony


Renae Jensen has dedicated her life to promoting healthy space through the wisdom of Feng Shui and Conscious Design. For over twenty years, she has lectured and consulted for a wide spectrum of clients and students. She has brought feng shui and conscious design to many commercial buildings, schools, offices, and personal homes.

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Photo of Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Program
Contact: Maureen Calamia
School Saint James New York United States Work Phone: 631-513-0059 Website: Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Online Program Website: Luminous Spaces


Maureen Calamia is a leader in feng shui and incorporates principles of bau biology, environmental psychology and biophilic design into her work. Maureen is an active feng shui consultant for both residential and commercial clients and is on faculty at the Metropolitan Institute of Design’s Feng Shui Certification Program since 2009. Maureen has several ebooks and webinars on both home and workplace applications of feng shui. She is a Red Ribbon Professional and IFSG Board Member since 2008.

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Photo of Feng Shui Storyboard, Teaching and Mentoring Worldwide
Contact: Katherine Metz
School P.O. Box 135 Kenwood California 95452 United States Work Phone: 707-282-9069 Website: Feng Shui Storyboard Website: Feng Shui Storyboard Sneak Peak Blog: Through Katherine's Eyes


Katherine MetzKatherine Metz is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, and Bau-biologist.  She was first introduced to the art of Feng Shui by Abraham Kawai’i, a Hawaiian Kahuna. She then began studying with His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, the Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism. Blending other aspects of her background—a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning an interior landscape business—with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement and is a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, and lecturer.

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Photo of Inner Harmony Feng Shui School
Contact: LuAnn Cibik
School 825 Lovers Leap Road Leechburg Pennsylvania 15656 United States Work Phone: 724-316-2428 Website: Inner Harmony Feng Shui School Website: Inner Harmony


LuAnn CibikA Feng Shui professional since 1999 and an Interior Alignment Master Teacher since 2003, LuAnn Cibik finds joy in seeing each of her graduates go on to huge personal and professional success. Finding the unique talent and gift of each of her students is her focus, and allowing each to shine in their light is her talent. Professional training and experience includes Founder, Inner Harmony and Inner Harmony Feng Shui School; Interior Alignment® Foundation Council, Licensed Master Educator and Licensed Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, and many more.

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Photo of Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning
Contact: Amanda Collins
School 7445 Mission Valley Rd, Ste 105 San Diego California 92108 United States Work Phone: 858-736-7241 Website: Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning – Online Feng Shui Courses


Amanda Collins is a Feng Shui expert, Yoga teacher and spiritual guide who leads people on journeys around the world. Born and raised in Ireland, Amanda now makes San Diego home base.  Amanda is best known as a Feng Shui consultant, speaker and instructor. She is the owner and founder of the International Feng Shui School, a certification-training program. Amanda works with individuals and businesses throughout America and Europe, including Dream Works, Hyundai, Bloomingdales and Morgan Stanley.

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Photo of Metropolitan Institute of Design – Feng Shui
Contact: Karen Ferraro
School 200 Oak Drive Syosset New York 11791 Work Phone: 516-845-4033 Website: Metropolitan Institute of Design – Feng Shui Blog: Met Design Blogspot


Karen FerraroKaren Lynn Ferraro is a marketing leader, business advisor, and professional coach. She is expertly trained in Feng Shui and achieved her 3-year certification in the BTB Feng ShuiTM Masters Program. She offers business and residential consultations; home staging and redesign, space clearings, and works with individuals to de-clutter and re-organize their work/life space for increased productivity.


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Photo of BTB Feng Shui (TM) Masters Training Program
Contact: Rosalie Prinzivalli
School 401 East 74th Street New York New York 10021 United States Work Phone: (212) 472-1247 Website: BTB Feng Shui TM Masters Website: BTB Masters Online Website: About Our Program


Find out more about Rosalie Prinzivalli

Rosalie Prinzivalli, MBA, is the East Coast Administrator and the first graduate of the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program to have joined the Faculty. After 3 years as Dr Edgar Sung’s teaching assistant, he named her his successor when he retired in March 2007. Rosalie has been serving as IFSG Board Chair since June 2006, and was Membership Director in 2005. Rosalie began studying Feng Shui in 1996, after over 25 years of esoteric studies that included Taoism, energy healing, and astrology, and successful careers on Wall Street and in the corporate world where she continues to consult on organizational and leadership effectiveness.

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Photo of School of Graceful Lifestyles
Contact: Mary Dennis
School 2933 Standing Bear Way Murfreesboro Tennessee 37127 United States Work Phone: 615-867-7181 Website: School of Graceful Lifestyles Website: School of Graceful Lifestyles Course Offerings


Mary DennisMary Dennis, co-founder of Graceful Lifestyles, is an Intentional Interior Design Consultant/Educator, and past Board Member of The International Feng Shui Guild. She has been influencing homes and businesses for the past 25 years and is a member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


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