Feng Shui Tools 

You have heard the saying, the right tool for the job makes all the difference.  You wouldn’t bring a hammer to a job that required a screwdriver; and you wouldn’t bring a spatula to a job that needed an ax.  The same thing goes with Feng Shui.  Understanding and applying the right tools in Feng Shui is crucial.

The main tools of our trade are simple – powerful – and ever present in all perspectives of Feng Shui*:

  • A building floor plan or lot layout as well as photos of the space
  • The bagua, no matter the perspective, as there are some variations but the basic concepts are universal
  • Yin and Yang, a balance between the feminine and masculine
  • The five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water
  • A basic safety plan for comfort, safety, and the power position for spaces like bedrooms and office
  • The client’s goals, hopes, and intentions
  • And more

*applies to residence (home, apartment, condo, or other), commercial (office, building, store, or other), landscape (design or lot layout).

Additionally, consultations can be performed onsite or long distance virtually.

“It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.” – Wallace D. Wattles

Additional tools used by some perspectives and/or consultants will also use

  • A Luo Pan compass
  • Inhabitant and/or building birth days
  • Chinese astrology
  • Space clearing
  • Dowsing
  • And more

Additionally, consultants may have related skills and holistic disciplines including home staging, interior design, architecture, and personal development or coaching.

Feng Shui Enhancements

Enhancements, often called remedies, are another way a consultant (and you) can make changes or adjustments to your space. Enhancements are as uniquely personal as is your space, your goals (and therefore your bagua), as well as your taste and style. One of the main concepts we like to say is “live with what you love – and you will be doing great Feng Shui.” Try not to include items you “think” will give you great Feng Shui unless you like them, and if they invoke good memories or feelings.

One of the simplest ways to introduce the elements or a shift is through color. Picking what you love, you can add pops of color in pillows or wall hangings, painting or furniture. Most of the other enhancements below – such as lighting, windchimes, artwork – can bring double the impact by using specific colors or hues.

Music, chimes, bells, even a sound machine. The birds outside can also evoke sound and therefore, energetic chi (if you like the sound of birds). Sound is often used to “call in the chi” we need to nourish our lives and thrive through our spaces.

From outside light streaming in, to lamps, lighting, candles, and fireplaces. Lighting is often used to anchor an outside missing corner or gua, stabilizing the imbalance.

Painting, photos, sculpture, woven textiles, hand made or professionally created, artwork evokes powerful symbolism and feelings. Art can capture the essence of a goal or a bagua area, such as health, wealth, or relationships. An often used example is the single woman who lives with artwork of a single woman depicted in her art. Every day, this image is reinforcing the single life instead of sending out the energy of attracting a mate. Focus on what you want and let the artwork direct that chi and invite that energy.

Living Things
Plants and flowers as well as pets create and vitalize the chi in your home. If you are able to care for plants and have the appropriate lighting, these are great ways to invite the wood element and the symbol of growth. Wood can help balance an abundance of water energy or can fuel a fire element. Pets – even fish – are naturally considered fire elements and as above, should be well cared for and loved.

Features like fountains and fish tanks as well as images of waterfalls show movement and active chi flow. Water is most associated with wealth, so ensure any features are clean and flowing and if outside, flow toward your home or building.

Wind Elements
Chi flows and encouraging that flow is done through the use of chimes, mobiles, flags and even banners. Flags can be used to identify an entrance that is not seen well from the curb, important to inviting the chi it – it has to know how to get to you. As with lighting, some enhancements can be used to anchor missing guas.

Mirrors are naturally considered active chi. They are always working – always reflecting. Mirrors can be used to double the size of a space, to reflect a view, to represent water, great in career and wealth, and to open out missing corners or protruding corners in an odd shaped room. Mirrors are often used above fireplaces to balance out the heavy fire element.

Faceted Crystals
Crystals modulate energy helping you feel grounded and balancing energy in a space. Often they are used to soften energy flow that is moving too quickly or speed up energy that is stagnant. When light hits the crystal, rainbows are created and sparkle throughout the room.

We believe the right consultant is there waiting for you just as you are waiting for them. Your energy will resonate and your timing will be right. Find your just right consultant today, in our Feng Shui consultant directory.

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