International Feng Shui Guild - Gold Level Program Application

Feng Shui certification/practitioner programs or advanced levels of Feng Shui training for professionals.

Gold Programs must include a minimum of 35 hours dedicated to the IFSG Universal Topics in their training curriculum.

  • Program Information

  • Suggestions could include Astrology, BaZi, BTB, Classical, Compass, Flying Star, Form School, Western, Pyramid, 9 Star Ki, Space Clearing.

  • Please note: Online Gold programs must include a live, interactive training component.

  • Define how your total curriculum hours are delivered. For example, for a 60 hour program curriculum, you might teach a 5 day onsite/in-person class (8 hours each day), 10 hours delivered via skype, and 10 hours recorded webinars. If your program encompasses online training, specify how those hours are delivered to students (ie recorded or live webinars, one-on-one coaching, CD recordings, live interaction, skype).

  • Curriculum

  • Please list all experiential opportunities that your school offers students during their course of training. Field experiences are not limited to actual client consultations but can be broad in nature and may include activities as diverse as dowsing practice, trips to furniture stores, walking tours of towns or neighborhoods, and so on. There is no rigid form that a field experience must take, but it should be a dynamic learning activity for the student. Please indicate below the types of experiences offered and provide a brief description. Note: for online trainings, these experiential opportunities may be offered as homework assignments that students will complete on their own.

  • Please state how many case studies you require, what kind (residential, business, landscape), and at what stage of the training you incorporate them. (Case studies do not include individual practice on the student’s own home.) Gold programs must include at least one residential and one business or landscape case study with written reports.

  • CHECK ALL TO CONFIRM that your program includes Feng Shui analysis for all of the following.


    Indicate the number of hours for each of the following IFSG Universal Topics core concepts. Gold programs must offer a minimum of 35 hours dedicated to the Universal Topics.

  • History and Origins of Feng Shui

    Training in this section is from a historical, informative context only.
    History of Form School
    I Ching
    Lo Shu and Trigrams
    History of Compass School
    Feng Shui in Modern Times
    Adjustments and Remedies
    Shapes and Symbols
    Space Clearing

  • Form School

    Exterior Placement
    Locating Building Site
    Study of Landforms
    Lot and Building Shapes
    Interior Layout and Furniture Placement

  • Chi

    Clutter and Blockages
    Sheng Chi
    Sha Chi

  • Core Concepts

    Yin / Yang
    5 Elements

  • Professionalism and practitioner guidelines.

    Reference the IFSG Code of Ethics. Includes:
    Standard Ethics for Feng Shui Practitioners
    How to Conduct a Consultation
    Professional Presentation

  • Gold Program Commitment Agreement

    The School Director(s) is directly responsible for ensuring the delivery of the required Universal Topic portion of their school’s curriculum. If Universal Topics are being taught or presented by others (special presenters, teachers, guest lecturers) as below, the Director(s) must know that the teacher or presenter has adequately covered the required curriculum.

    Program must include at least 35 hours of those Universal Topics.

    Gold Program Director(s) must maintain a current IFSG Red Ribbon Professional Membership.

    Director(s) should abide by the IFSG Code of Ethics.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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